Top Tips When Looking For Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Top Tips When Looking For Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Not all bathrooms are created equal. While you’ll want to design something that provides you with pure luxury, it is important to remember that luxury means something different to everyone. You need to understand which luxury bathroom ideas will work for you

You may be surprised at what really creates a luxury bathroom!


One area that is often overlooked is the lighting and yet this is one of the most important considerations when looking at luxury master bathroom ideas.

There are two aspects to getting the light right.

Amount Of Light

The more light you let into any room the brighter and larger it feels. This can be useful when creating a luxury bathroom as you’ll want it to feel spacious. However, at the same time, you may want it to feel cosy.

That can mean blocking natural light and relying on your interior lighting.

Style Of Light

Potentially more important than the amount of light is the style of the lamp. For example, there is a big difference between a standard pendant with shade and a handcrafted Murano glass as designed by Sogni di Cristallo.

Choosing an elegant and stylish light goes a long way toward creating a luxury bathroom.


Another factor that is often overlooked is the artwork. It’s just as important in your bathroom as any other room in your house. Think about what artwork is in your favourite luxury bathrooms and adopt the style for your own bathroom.

There is no limit regarding what type of artwork you can utilize.

It is a good idea to have a bespoke piece created which illustrates you or members of your family in whimsical poses.

Heated Floors

If you really want to scream luxury then you need to add a heated floor into your bathroom. It’s easier to do than you think and transforms the space. After all, you need to be warm in the bathroom and what better way is there to do that than to have a warm floor to your bare feet?

Go Smart

If you really want to scream luxury then consider adding smart technology. All the best hotels are already utilizing light sensors, hidden power sockets, and even mirrors that de-for themselves. Smart technology is becoming increasingly important in the home, you need to embrace it today.

Coffee Facilities

It may seem strange but what better way to save time than to have coffee facilities in your bathroom, especially if this is in an en-suite. You won’t even have to go downstairs to enjoy a lazy morning perhaps with a stunning view from your bathroom.

Final Thoughts

The final decision regarding which luxury bathroom ideas you should incorporate is yours. It’s you that will be using the space every day. All you have to do is think about what you consider as luxury and incorporate that into your bathroom.


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