Top 6 Regions To Find Your Dream Villa In Spain

Top 6 Regions To Find Your Dream Villa In Spain

If your business brings financial independence for many years or you just have a significant amount of money, then you should definitely pay attention to buying property in Spain. This way, you can ensure a high quality of life, and making the right choice today is not difficult. Any information source or real estate agency will provide you with a huge number of interesting properties – from cottages to penthouses, but a villa in Spain for sale will certainly interest you in the first place.

Spain is a large country consisting of several regions. The attractiveness of each of them is different from the others in a number of ways. However, statistics claim that real estate in the southeast of the country on the Mediterranean coast is more popular. That makes sense, since the mild maritime climate, long beach season, healthy air, and beautiful landscapes have always been more preferable.

We would like to bring to your attention the top six regions where your villa in Spain is located for sale.

Where is the villa of your interest located?

So, you have made a decision to buy real estate, and a comfortable villa has become the object of your attention for a number of reasons. A villa is a large house located on a large plot of land, which can have a variety of amenities, such as a swimming pool, a golf course, a barbecue area, a playground, and a tennis court.

A villa in Spain for sale can have a reliable security system, independent sources of energy, and water. As for the building itself, today, there is no limit to architectural fantasies, and you can choose to live in a classic castle or in an ultra-modern mansion with a โ€œsmart homeโ€ system and appropriate interior design.

Now more about the location of your dream villa:

1. Alicante

The Alicante region is the most popular among foreign investors. According to statistics, more than half of property buyers are foreigners. There are good reasons for this, since all the benefits of civilization are successfully combined here with an amazing climate and plenty of attractions. Alicante is called the friendliest resort in Spain, as there is a friendly atmosphere everywhere; it is always warm and fun here. The average annual temperature in the province is +17หšC. Prices for villas in Alicante start from โ‚ฌ140,000.

2. Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca is a long Mediterranean coast, which is always popular among both tourists and potential property buyers. Perhaps this is where the villa in Spain for sale that will interest you is located. Prices vary depending on many factors. For instance, a small villa on the secondary market can be bought for โ‚ฌ120,000.

If you are interested in luxury real estate, then a luxurious mansion with an area of โ€‹โ€‹20,000 square meters will cost you โ‚ฌ6,000,000. A rich centuries-old history, diverse seascapes with rocky bays, palm groves, and sand dunes, flocks of pink flamingos, and a magnificent seascape โ€“ isn’t this what you have always dreamed of?

3. Murcia

Murcia is an autonomous community located between Andalusia and Valencia, a land of history and beauty: 330 sunny days a year, the “garden of Europe,” where many types of vegetables and fruits grow. Local real estate agencies will present to you a wide range of various properties, in particular, comfortable villas for every taste and budget. Here you can find both new buildings and very decent secondary real estate with a pleasant combination of “price-quality.”

4. Costa Calida

Costa Calida is located on the Mediterranean coast and is full of different kinds of leisure activities for people of all ages. A villa of 110 sqm here can be purchased for โ‚ฌ225,000.

5. Catalonia

Catalonia is a region that has long and rightfully been one of the leading places to buy real estate. The most attractive are Barcelona and Costa Brava. Here the prices can be very different, since Barcelona is a world center of tourism and, accordingly, the prices here are quite high. In Costa Brava, the average cost of 1 sq. m of real estate is โ‚ฌ2,000.

6. Andalusia

Andalusia is the southernmost Spanish autonomous community with a rich history. Seville, Granada – these names make hearts tremble in anticipation of getting to know this amazing land. It is here that you can become acquainted with real bullfighting and flamenco!

Based on the foregoing, a villa in Spain for sale is worthy of your attention both as a successful investment of your capital and as a way to change your life for the better.


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