How To Feng Shui Your Entryway

How To Feng Shui Your Entryway

Feng Shui can be a daunting subject for those who have little experience. However, you don’t have to be a feng shui professional to effectively implement some of the principles in your home. So what’s it all about? Well feng shui at its core is an ancient Chinese philosophy which focuses on finding the balance and harmony of energy within your home.

Since the 1970’s, this ancient philosophy has made its way across the globe, ever adapting to the changing architecture and design trends of modern homes. Most commonly in the western world, feng shui now focuses on the arrangement of furniture to allow optimum energy flow.

The main points to focus on when incorporating feng shui principles in your home are colour, shapes & materials. These elements are used with the idea that the right combination in a room or space can create optimum energy flow for the specific space you are working on.

Top Tips

Your front door and entryway area can be the most impactful when it comes to the flow of energy or chi. This is the path where the majority of energy enters and exits the home. Therefore the furniture, colors and materials used in this area need to be spot on to create optimum potential for energy paths to travel. 


We find the best way to ensure that you have this energy flowing efficiently is to imagine water flooding into your home through your front door. We know that this is not the most peaceful of thoughts but just bear with us. Imagine said water as a physical representative of chi or energy. This imaginary water should be able to freely travel to each room of the house, having a clear path with no obstructions, harsh lines or bulky furniture. Get rid of that entryway sideboard that you bump your hip on every time you come home from work! 

We are not saying that your entryway needs to be empty and unfurnished. In fact it is important to have some storage by your front door. Keeping things organised such as keys and mail can make a huge impact when it comes to how you feel when entering or exiting your home. 


A mistake commonly made when it comes to entryway decor is placing a mirror opposite the door. We know that in most cases, mirrors can be a fantastic way to bounce what may be a limited natural light source around your room. However, when it comes to feng shui this can have some big disadvantages. Placing a mirror opposite your entrance can in fact bounce that energy we are seeking straight back out of the door it just came in! A mirror should instead be placed perpendicular to your front door, above a sideboard for example. 

Front door

The front door itself can actually have a huge impact on energy flow in the home. It can also have a pretty big impact on you personally when it comes to retaining positive energy. Make sure to check your front door regularly for things like creaks, chipping paint, or sticky locks. Fixing these small problems can make a big difference to you and your home. 

Colours & Elements

Colours of wall paint, accessories & furniture plays a huge part in feng shui. Certain colours are known to promote and activate different types of energy and elements within the home. This is where a compass comes in handy. According to feng shui, the colour recommended for your entryway will be different depending on the direction that your house is facing. 

Bear in mind that said colour does not necessarily have to be painted on every wall, we are in no way suggesting that you paint your whole entryway black for example. Incorporating the suggested colour using accessories can be just as effective. 

  • South

The element ruling the south of the feng shui map is fire. This element is representative of powerful & vibrant energy that can have an impact on fame and reputation. If your entryway is on the south side of your home, you should try to implement some vibrant colours of the red variety. These can be anything ranging from a dark burgundy to a light pink depending on what fits your style. You can also help to activate this element by placing some candles on your sideboard and ensuring you have warm lighting options such as a table lamp or wall sconces. 

  • West & North/West

If you find that your entry way is on the west side of your home, you should focus on incorporating colors and materials that represent the metal element. Activating this element correctly can have a positive effect on descendants/legacy and travel. White, silver and gold, whether they be in paint or accessory form can be incredibly effective in activating the appropriate energy in this area. Consider keeping things bright and airy with white walls and metal accessories. 

  • North

The most prominent element ruling the north of the map is water. This is the element responsible for encouraging career success. This element can be represented with both blue and black. Although it can be hard to implement the colour black into your home especially if you have more of a traditional or farmhouse decor style, there are many ways to still effectively activate this element. Consider some black accessories such as your mirror frame or coat hooks. If you are still finding it hard to use black in your entryway, deep blue colours can also have the same effect. 

  • North/East & South/West

Prominent in both of these areas is the earth element. This element can be effectively activated by utilizing both browns and yellows as well as blush pinks and blues. Do keep in mind though, you should try to go for a more earthy and warm yellow such as ochre or gold as a brighter shade would be more suited to activating the fire element. 

With the south/west affecting relationships and the north/east promoting knowledge, these areas do have different requirements to activate the right energy, despite them both having the earth element as the prominent factor. For example, if your entryway is located in the south/west you should consider placing items in pairs to activate good relationship energy whereas the north/east should have items or artwork representing stillness or contemplation.

  • East & South/East

Governing the east & south/east is the wood element. This element, as you would expect, can be activated with green & brown, whether that be with paint, plants or accessories. A wooden entryway sideboard is a fantastic choice if your space is east or south/east. If you are considering placing some houseplants in your entryway, you should stick to those with rounded leaves such as a fiddle leaf fig or jade plant.

Overall, we cannot say enough how important it is not to stress over getting the perfect feng shui in your entryway or home as a whole. Afterall, the whole point is to keep a good balance of energy and stress does just the opposite! Get yourself a compass, think about the functionality of your space, and finally how you can incorporate some of the key elements of feng shui into your home.