Top 5 Ways to Make Your New York City Patio Feel Spacious

Top 5 Ways to Make Your New York City Patio Feel Spacious

Having a patio in New York City feels like a serious luxury, particularly when the only enjoyable outdoor space most New Yorkers visit with any regularity is the not-so-private oasis of Central Park. However, even the most opulent homes face size constraints when it comes to their outdoor space, making it important to use space-saving techniques to make your patio feel as expansive as possible. Try these decorating and organizing techniques to get the most from your outdoor space.

  1. Add an outdoor rug: Defining an area within the boundaries of your patio with a rug can make the space feel much larger than its actual square footage. Choose a rug that allows for a border of at least six inches on each side to make your patio seem as roomy as possible. When picking your rug, shy away from oversized patterns that will draw the eye downward, which can often make a space seem smaller.
  1. Open up sightlines through windows and doors: The best view from your patio might just be the one that looks into your house. While you’re unlikely to be spending time outdoors for the express purpose of looking back in, keeping the windows that look onto the patio free of window treatments (or at least keeping them open while you’re outside) will lengthen sightlines from the patio and make the space feel larger.
  1. Use a circular table: A long table may look elegant in a banquet hall, but on a modestly sized patio, it can bisect the space in a way that makes it feel awkward or claustrophobic. Opting for a circular table instead will help maximize your space while adding an unexpectedly chic design feature to your outdoor setting.
  1. Draw the eye upward: The biggest source of square footage on your patio is likely its vertical height, so make the most of it by drawing your eye upward with accent pieces. Hanging planters are a pretty, space-appropriate way to add some vertical appeal to your patio, as are trellises with climbing vines.
  1. Don’t over accessorize: It’s easy to want to add your own personal touch to every inch of your outdoor space, but doing so will only make it feel cramped. Instead, choose your furniture wisely and pick one wall to use as a focal point for the rest of the patio. This way, the natural beauty that surrounds your patio, be it landscaping along the perimeter or the sky above, will remain the star of the show.

You don’t need to have the biggest patio on the block to have the one your friends and family enjoy most. With just a few tweaks to your existing space, you can turn your patio into the relaxing refuge you’ve always dreamed of.


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