Top 5 Resources For Finding Affordable Housing For Students

Top 5 Resources For Finding Affordable Housing For Students

Moving away from home for the first time can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you’re a student looking for affordable housing on top of the stress of your studies. Finding yourself in an unfamiliar city without knowing where to hunt down suitable yet cheap places can add to jitters any newbie may already have. Don’t worry though, as there are plenty of resources available that will ensure you find the right place at an ideal price point – hassle free!

In this blog, we’ll discuss our top 5 resources every student should know about when searching for affordable housing near their campus or anywhere else they plan on living. Read on to discover which ones could make all the difference during your search!

1. Best Overall is an exceptional online platform that stands out as the top choice for anyone seeking to rent or own a property. It offers an extensive range of filtering options that allow renters to compare available apartments, condos, townhomes, and houses with great ease. With a focus on both renters and property owners, makes it effortless to search for a preferred location and access detailed information on amenities, square footage, availability, and ratings.

For renters, provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies the entire renting process. You can effortlessly compare prices, choose amenities that suit your lifestyle, apply online, sign a lease, and even pay rent from any device.

Property owners can also enjoy the convenience of managing their properties online. With, you can handle every aspect of your property, including listings, applications, screening, lease generation, payment collection, tenant management, expense organization, and maintenance tracking.

2. Zillow: Best for location-based rental searches

Zillow, a real estate marketplace launched in 2006, is an excellent platform for finding houses with its remarkable location filters and map tool. With Zillow, you can get a comprehensive view of the surrounding areas of a property, search for homes based on the year they were built, and narrow down your results using various criteria, such as the number of bathrooms and square footage. Zillow’s interactive map feature allows you to zoom in on the exact location of each property and explore its surroundings.

Zillow is highly recommended for renters who can utilize the platform to research the history of the home they’re interested in, as well as the neighborhood. On the other hand, landlords can take advantage of Zillow’s home value reports to determine the appropriate rental price for their properties.

3. Craigslist: Best Free Option

Craigslist is an excellent option for those seeking apartments, townhomes, or houses without hidden fees or middlemen. As a free and open marketplace, it attracts more private sellers, which can be advantageous for renters with bad credit. However, caution is advised as ads are not vetted, and it’s recommended to meet prospective landlords in public, bring someone along to tour the property, and ask plenty of questions. For landlords who prefer to handle every aspect of the rental process, Craigslist allows them to take full control.

4. Allinfohome: Best affordable housing options for students

AllinfoHome is the perfect website for students looking for affordable apartments near their university. The site provides a comprehensive listing of cheap apartments across the United States, making it easy for students to find an apartment that fits their budget and preferences.

The website’s free search tools allow students to refine their search criteria by location, price, and other amenities, ensuring they find an apartment that is convenient and affordable. AllinfoHome also offers up-to-date information on the real estate market, neighborhood data, and hot news about real estate trends, helping students make informed decisions.

With AllinfoHome, students can easily find an apartment under $500, $600, $700, or $800 that is conveniently located near their university. The site’s commitment to providing useful information on the real estate market and neighborhood data makes it a valuable resource for students looking to find an affordable apartment that meets their needs.

Moreover, landlords can take advantage of AllinfoHome’s user-friendly and highly visible platform for their property listings. The platform is entirely free and allows interested parties to contact them directly. Additionally, each submission undergoes a quality review by the team to ensure that all listings meet the platform’s standards.

So if you’re a student looking for an affordable apartment near your university, or a landlord looking to list your property, AllinfoHome is the perfect resource for you. Check it out today and start finding the perfect apartment for your needs!

5. Zumper: Best Startup Site For Rentals

Zumper is a great option for those looking for apartments or vacation rentals, with a focus on providing options for short-term and long-term rentals. The site offers a variety of rentals, including houses, rooms, condos, and apartments for rent. Unlike other rental websites, Zumper also displays vacation rentals, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a temporary home away from home.

One of the unique features of Zumper is that it offers services from touring to lease signing, making the rental process as seamless as possible. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term rental, Zumper has you covered.

For renters, the easy-to-use interface makes it effortless to browse available options and apply for the perfect rental property. Additionally, landlords can post rental listings, screen potential tenants, and collect rent all in one place, making Zumper a convenient option for property owners as well.


The search for affordable housing can be daunting at first, but with access to helpful resources like those outlined here, students will have a much easier time finding good housing options that fit their budget and lifestyle. Everyone’s needs are different, so take some time to explore each of these resources and decide which one is going to work the best for you. 


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