Top 5 Eastern Suburbs To Live In Melbourne, Australia

Top 5 Eastern Suburbs To Live In Melbourne, Australia

Have you outgrown or become dissatisfied with your current residence? Moving to a new town or suburb might be the solution, but before making a decision, you must consider several factors. This includes your current job, academic options (if you’re a student), lifestyle, shopping and entertainment options, and public transportation accessibility. 

If you haven’t heard, Melbourne’s eastern suburbs are some of the best places to call home. Below is a list of suburbs that you might want to consider: 

1. Hawthorn, Boroondara

While other parts of the city are becoming increasingly popular, Hawthorne remains a sought-after destination for young professionals, families, retirees, and everyone. This area is lauded for the beautiful suburban lifestyle it provides its residents. With easy access to the Monash and Eastern freeways and numerous tram and train lines, getting around is a breeze. 

In the heart of Hawthorn, you’ll find Glenferrie Road. Glenferrie Road is lined with designer shops, restaurants, and boutiques. The street is a hub of activity during the day, and at night, it becomes a popular gathering place for students, families, and couples. The suburb is also home to prestigious institutions such as Scotch College, Swinburne University, and Melbourne University’s Hawthorn Campus.  

Outdoor activities such as running on nearby trails and swimming at the Hawthorn Aquatic and Recreation Centre ensure that your weekends are filled with physical activity and enjoyment.  

2. Bayswater, Knox

Just 40 minutes from Melbourne’s Central Business District, you’ll find Bayswater, an under-appreciated neighborhood with a lot to offer. Despite its proximity to the more well-known Ringwood, Bayswater provides a more tranquil atmosphere.  

This suburb has everything you could want, including an extensive range of highly regarded dining options. In addition, trains and buses serve the Bayswater region, making it convenient for those traveling to and from Melbourne. 

The Dandenong Creek Trail, which runs through the neighborhood, and Marie Wallace Bayswater Park, a favorite picnic spot for families, are just some of the natural attractions in the vicinity. If you’re curious about the demographics of this suburb, you can check them here

3. Ringwood, Maroondah

Ringwood is emerging as a regional hub in the east. It’s easy to get around Ringwood through Eastlink and other public transportation options, including the Frankston to Melbourne Airport Smart Bus.  

The recent expansion of the Eastland Shopping Centre has allowed more people to get jobs and given people in the area more shopping options. Residents have also embraced the Town Square, which features a choice of restaurants and an alfresco dining and socializing area. 

There’s plenty of greenery and wildness nearby. Numerous green spaces, including Ringwood Lake, may be found throughout Ringwood and the neighboring areas.  

Those considering relocating to Ringwood or its surrounding areas will find abundant housing options. A wide variety of homes are available for families to choose from, and the blocks are spacious enough for youngsters to play cricket in the backyard. New townhouses and apartment developments in Croydon and Ringwood may also appeal to couples, retired people, or individuals who want to downsize. 

4. Blackburn, Whitehorse

If you want to wake up every morning to the sounds of Bellbirds and Rosellas, you’d probably be best off living in Blackburn. In Blackburn, you’ll find plenty of green space to unwind. Blackburn is a great place to raise a family since it offers plenty of areas to roam. There are also a lot of older couples and families that have been here for a while now. 

You’ll have access to various institutions, recreational activities, and reliable public transportation. North Blackburn Shopping Centre, Forest Hill Chase, and a plethora of top-notch dining establishments may all be found within a short drive. 

The area retains its small-town charm, even today. It’s a great spot to settle down because there isn’t much nightlife. 

5. Mulgrave, Monash

Mulgrave is an ideal location in Melbourne’s southeast for those looking to get away from it all. An array of educational institutions, parks, and sports facilities make Mulgrave an ideal place for everyone—students, families, residents, and sports fans. 

Even though it’s in the middle of the suburbs, Mulgrave is easy to get anywhere in Melbourne. The nearby Monash Freeway makes it possible for the neighborhood to drive to the CBD in under 20 kilometers. Those who don’t own a car can take advantage of an extensive transit system that connects to the neighboring areas. 

In Mulgrave, you’ll find a peaceful and welcoming neighborhood with a strong sense of community. It’s pretty safe for kids to ride their bikes after dark in this suburb. Growth is expected to continue for a long time because there are so many attractions and facilities to choose from. 


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Have you outgrown or become unhappy with your current residence? Do you need a new space for your young family? If the answer is yes, it may be time to consider relocating. There’s a reason why the eastern suburbs of Melbourne are so desirable. Think about moving to one of these suburbs, and it can guarantee that you will be pleased there.


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