Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

There are few life decisions that are as big as the decision to move. A daunting task indeed, with several moving parts to manage. No matter the circumstance, selling your home in record timing is the goal. Suppose you are in the process of building or have just put an offer down on your new home. Do your best to evade the management of two homes, two mortgages and too much responsibility by selling fast. There’s luck to selling a home swiftly, but if you are active in your process, a home buyer will present an offer. Refuse to sit back and wait for the leisurely buyer; Do your research, make those renovations, and go out of your way set your home apart from the market.

Choose Your Agent Wisely

If you have decided to work with a realtor, choose your agent wisely. Do your research and ask for referrals from trusted friends or family that have already been through the process. You want to find a realtor who is committed to your family, as well as invested in selling your home. Look for an agent who looks for the best in your property, leveraging the home’s assets for a realistic price. Beware of an agent who does the bare minimum, slapping a lock on your door handle and lackadaisically coordinating showings. You have control over the agent you choose, so choose a realtor who understands your home’s situation. If you know that your home needs to be staged, find a realtor who has experience in design. If your home is a fixer upper, research the agents who have a successful history in selling those properties. You have plenty of options, so do your homework to find the best fit for your circumstance.

Consider Selling It To An Investor

In your circumstances, urgency and time constraints are your biggest challenges in making a successful sale. Since you’re in a rush to sell your property, it’ll be more difficult to set a price that’s more advantageous to you as the homebuyer and its agent may negotiate for a lower price. Also, you’ll still have to pay your agent a commission, and there are some instances where you may not be able to successfully close a deal.

Fortunately, hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your home isn’t the only option. The real estate market is full of investors looking for new properties, and what’s more, they purchase houses as they are. 

If you’re situated in New Hampshire, you can sell your house fast New NH without fees and commissions. You won’t need to do any repairs and renovations on your property, but take note that damages may be deducted from the home’s selling price. 

Depending on the inspection, you may receive your cash offer immediately within 24 hours. The longest negotiation period that you might spend with these home-buying companies is only a few weeks. You can even close your property on your own schedule once you’re ready to bid goodbye. 

However, your home’s condition will dictate the cash offer. If your property has already incurred many damages, particularly structural issues, refurbishment and renovation are impossible given your time and expense limits. 

Get the Timing Right

The housing market ebbs and flows throughout the year, synchronizing to each month of the calendar. It goes without saying that most home buyers prefer to look in the spring, rather than move in the winter. While it isn’t impossible to sell in the winter months, listing your home in late February is the best time. Get ahead of the market and on track to take advantage of the heavy activity leading into the warmer months. Leading up to late February, make the plan and commit to getting your house ready for the market. Knowing the best months to sell a house can help you close the best deal.

Price Your Home Right

Once you get the timing right, listing your home at the right price is imperative for a speedy sale. Of course, everyone wants to get the most return on their home, but it is important to be realistic. What you paid for the home ultimately matters less than what the market is dictating at the time. Use an estimate tool for a rough number, then work with your realtor to come up with a starting price. Ideally, you’d like to find a range that cushions you in-between competitive and reasonable. If you price it too high, you’ll sit on the market. If you price it too low, it will be overlooked, resulting in you losing money.

Declutter & Depersonalize

The faster you can make home buyers envision a life in your space, the faster you will sell. Begin by decluttering and depersonalizing your home. Rent a storage unit if need be, stowing out-of-season clothing, holiday décor, outdated keepsakes, and everything in-between. Home buyers must see themselves in your space, so don’t cloud their vision with family photos hung around the house. Generalizing your space will give your buyers a blank slate, making it easier to imagine their life in your home.


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