Fancy A New Kitchen? Trending Ideas For 2022

2022 Kitchen Trends

The popularity of remodeling kitchens will never go out of style, but some interior designs do.

Keeping up with interior design trends is about more than having a home that looks good—although that’s lovely too. But outdated designs, old appliances, and old-fashioned layouts can drastically lower your home’s market value. 

Here, we look at some of the trending kitchen designs for 2022 and the steps to take in making these dreamy designs a reality. 

Prepping for Kitchen Refurbishment

Before tearing out your cupboards and taking a sledgehammer to the wall separating your kitchen from the dining room, keep in mind that when you disrupt the heart of the home, it can throw everything off track. 

A major kitchen refit will mean your food provision is out of action for several days, maybe even longer. 

Happily, you can easily solve that with a portable power station in the US. These backup power supplies are a great way to keep your essential appliances running so that you can enjoy cooking and refrigeration while your new kitchen takes shape.

Portable power stations are quiet and clean and can support all the kitchen functions during the renovation with plenty of outputs and ports. Just ask your construction company to move your essential appliances to another area like the utility room, and you can power them from your portable station.

What’s Trending in the Kitchen?

From structural re-designs to minimalist aesthetics, here are the trends in kitchen designs for 2022:

  • Open layouts—These styles are right on trend, perfect for the family that enjoys entertaining and casual meals. The open layout concept embraces the fact that in the twenty-first century, the kitchen is a multi-functional room, somewhere to socialize, work, cook and eat.
  • Natural materials—Incorporating elements like wood, stone, bamboo, and other materials are increasingly popular. These materials leave much room for versatility, whether natural or painted, subtle or obvious.
  • Light and white—Neutral and minimalist is a style that doesn’t go away, either cool and crisp in its own right or as the backdrop to stronger tones and colors. Match white with blue to give that seaside look or gray for some urban chic.
  • Dark mood design—Popular within the minimalism community of designers, a dark mood style with shades of grey has also gained popularity in recent years, especially during a momentous period of renovations that took place during the pandemic. Now in 2022, it’s a mainstream style for new modern kitchen designs.

The Advantages of a Revamped Kitchen

Well, there is the obvious, a shiny new kitchen with on-trend units and appliances, but dig a little deeper, and there are other advantages to be had, like lower energy costs.

Out-of-date appliances can cost homeowners hundreds of dollars yearly on their utilities like water and electricity. 

Combine that with rising energy costs, and it’s no wonder householders are looking at every item in the home for ways to lower their bills.

Choose from a range of new, more energy-efficient appliances so that your new kitchen not only looks good but saves you money too.


A new kitchen will add real value to your home, upgrade your living experience, and save you money with new, more energy-efficient appliances. Go on and satisfy your interior design itch—you know you want to, and your home and wallet will thank you for it!


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