Tips for Choosing the Best Showroom Space in Hong Kong

Tips for Choosing the Best Showroom Space in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s best travel destinations. This city’s strategic location at the heart of Asia opens it to the rest of the world as you can easily do business within the Asia-Pacific markets. Hailed for its ease of doing business, thousands of people visit Hong Kong for business and pleasure every year. This city is a perfect place to organize events if you’re looking to get visibility on one of the world’s best stages.

If you’re looking to expand or expand your operations in Hong Kong, you may want to take advantage of showroom spaces for rent available in this city. You can use showroom space to display your products opens your business to prospective customers by allowing them to try, touch and test the merchandise. There are many benefits of why you should consider showroom space for your business in Hong Kong. They include the following:

Enhanced brand awareness

If you run an ecommerce store, you will benefit from renting showroom space because you get a chance to show off your brand and interact with customers thus increasing brand awareness. Clients who shop online are often excited to come to a location where you have a retail presence. This usually sees an increase in sales are you’re not only selling to your existing customers but also drawing in new customers.

Enhanced relationships and better cost structure

When you venture out to a showroom set up, you get to enjoy better costs since you’re not paying as much as you’d pay if you were to operate a brick and mortar store. This is because you don’t have to factor in a lot of the overhead costs that come with having a permanent location. Thus, you can afford to offer your customers discounts while still making profits from sales. The result is better relationships with your clients that helps to cement brand loyalty.

Consumers prefer to see and sample products

Although there’s a huge perception that most of the shopping is now being done online, this is not entirely true. A survey by UPS Pulse found that 60% of consumers and 76% of millennials have placed an online order in-store. Most people use the internet to look up product reviews just to make sure they’re making the right decision. Thus, the idea of having a chance of seeing the product and engaging you the retailer in-person is welcome.

A perfect platform to educate the consumer

Consumers have changed how they shop so much so that retails is more educational than it is transactional. By taking up showroom space for your product, you get a perfect opportunity to engage your consumers and expand their reach beyond what is possible on the online space. When you engage customers and give them a chance to understand the product development process, you can be sure they will become your loyal fans.

How to Choose a Hong Kong Showroom Venue

When you decide to take your brand and market your commercial space in Hong Kong, you must ensure you get a perfect venue. The venue largely determines how successful your event will be as it sets the tone. Thus, you must get it right. Some of the factors to consider when looking for showroom space include the following:

Cost of the venue: Your choice of the venue will largely be determined by your budget. Different venues will come with different price tags. The exciting thing about Hong Kong is that you can find incredible showroom space at Storefront for just HK$2,160 for 1000 square feet per day. You can find showrooms that are ideal for more than showcasing but also holding conferences, meeting rooms and party space.

Location: You need to book a venue that is convenient not just for you but also the people you’re targeting. The venue should be easy to access and available for the period you’re targeting. Look at the public transport links, airport access and onsite parking.

Season: You need to understand Hong Kong’s seasons as this also determines the success of your event. For instance, most retailers and businesses that want to have offsite events will likely do so during the Christmas holiday season to the New Year. This means that you must book in advance to avoid the last-minute rush.

Showroom space Hong Kong offers excellent opportunities for brands and retailers to venture out and tap into the benefits of using offsite space for showcasing your products or even holding meetings.