NF1 Villa Interior Cala Llamp, Port d’Andratx, Spain 🇪🇸 – Terraza Balear

NF1 Villa Interior Cala Llamp, Port d’Andratx, Spain - Terraza Balear
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Style: Mediterranean
  • Status: Realized

A new project for Terraza Balear in Cala Llamp tasked their designers with transforming a 300-square-meter holiday home – designed by SCT Estudio de Arquitectura – into a welcoming oasis for the owners to relax and recharge, all while immersed in the island’s breathtaking beauty.

Walking into the home’s entrance, they created a small living space with a featured treatment wall to meet guests with a warm welcome. Right off the bat, the tone of the interior design is set – neutral tones, luxurious materials and an overall sense of elegance. This cozy corner at the entrance is made complete with two enveloping armchairs from Poltrona Frau and a statement painting from Lidia Masllorens that grabs your attention right away.

In the living room, a generously sized sofa fits the whole family, providing maximum comfort, and the wooden coffee table connects with the beams from the staircase for a design through line. Accents of deep blue and a healthy dose of greenery connect the space to the outdoor environment, while sleek yet organic decorative accessories tie the whole look together.

In the dining room, a table big enough for the whole family is surrounded by comfortable leather swivel chairs from B&B Italia. A stunning glass pendant light display in an array of rich neutrals adds just enough pizzaz to the space while still looking totally refined, and the décor items again include tones that connect to the watery blues of the sea.

Further into the home, each of the bedrooms provide a serene and timeless escape for our clients filled with natural light and materials. The master bedroom with ensuite bathroom looks out to the stunning views. Designed with soft, neutral finishes, the room’s accent colors feature prominently in the bed linens and nature-inspired painting from Carolina Amigo.

The oldest daughter’s bedroom features a considerable mirror, which makes the room look even larger, as well as a dressing table for her to get ready. The third bedroom, for the youngest daughter, features accents of soft pink for a delicate and feminine touch.

Outside, furniture fills two separate seating areas and a dining area. Comfortable upholstered seating with clean lines and deep blue accents make the space feel connected to the home’s interior making for a seamless way of living. A dark finish was chosen for the framing of the outdoor furniture to connect with the window frames and indoor dining area, too.

  • Designer: Terraza Balear
  • Name: NF1
  • Property: Villa
  • Location: Cala Llamp, Port d’Andratx, Spain
  • Year: 2020


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