Time to Sell – 5 Easy Improvements That Give Your Home an Instant Facelift

Time to Sell - 5 Easy Improvements That Give Your Home an Instant Facelift

Once you’ve made the decision that its time to sell, your attention will no doubt turn to getting your home in the best condition and ready for sale.  Naturally you’ll be looking at a range of improvements, repairs or possibly even renovations. 

When it comes to home renovations there are complex, time-consuming remodels and there are quick, easy improvements. The big remodels can add value and functionality to a home, but for many people they’re either out of the budget or simply too large to take on. For most people, the quick fixes are more realistic.

We’ve found a handful of easy improvements that can give any home an instant facelift. The low-cost, high-return improvements below are some of first things you should focus on to update the look of your home, prior to selling, before you consider a major outlay. 

Statement Furniture

A piece of statement furniture will immediately add more interest to a room. It becomes a focal point that draws attention, so it’s important to select a statement piece that stands out while still fitting with the rest of the décor. 

Since statement furniture is an investment, I highly recommend that you look for quality furniture that’s built to last. Iconic, well-made pieces like an Eames lounge chair or leather sofa from Thomasville Furniture are always a safe bet. The only real work involved is deciding which piece of furniture to get. 

Fresh Coat of Paint

fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update a room’s décor. Color can brighten up a room, create a certain mood and add to the interior design. It will also make the room look cleaner since you can paint over scuffs, marks and chips. 

With a few tools, a total novice can handle repainting just about any room in the house. But I have one crucial tip that can save you a lot of time and aggravation. Paint a small swatch on the wall and let it dry before you repaint or do all of your touch-ups. The paint in the can isn’t going to be that exact shade once it’s on the wall and dry.

Updated Lighting

Lighting is one of those overlooked features despite the fact it illuminates the space. Not only does lighting serve a functional purpose, it also has a dramatic impact on the look and feel of a room with the flip of a switch.

You don’t necessarily have to be an electrician to update the lighting in your home. There are a number of ways you can adjust the lighting to add more style without touching an electrical wire. A few ways you can update the lighting include:

  • Adding or replacing the lighting fixtures and lamps
  • Replacing the shades
  • Switching to smart bulbs that change color and dim via an app
  • Positioning lights so they highlight a specific area or feature

Smart light bulbs are a really good purchase. They cost more upfront, but they’re extremely energy efficient and can be programmed to turn on or off at a set time. Some smart bulbs also come with additional features like multiple colors or even changing color to the beat of the music.

Replace the Front Door

A new front door instantly updates the entry exterior and interior home. Need another reason to update your front door? According to Remodeling Magazine, a new steel entry door has one of the highest resale values. Add on top of that the fact that a new steel door can improve security and this update is a no-brainer. 

In addition to the door itself, you may need to replace the doorframe, dead bolt, handset and weather stripping. Using a pre-hung door can make the process easier since the door is already mounted to a new frame. 

Clean and Declutter

You can have the best furniture and décor in the world, but if it’s hidden under a pile of clutter the mess is all that people will ever see. All it takes is a little sweat equity and a few afternoons to declutter and clean the house. 

Start with the communal areas that guests are most likely to see like the living room, kitchen and guest bathroom. Next, move on to the master bedroom and bath. If you have kids, get them involved by having them clean and declutter their own rooms. As you declutter, bucket items you don’t plan on keeping into three groups: trash/recycle, donate and sell/give away.


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