Tent House Al Khiran Residence – Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, Kuwait ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ผ

Tent House Al Khiran Residence - Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, Kuwait
  • Name: Tent House
  • Bedrooms: 10+
  • Bathrooms: 12+
  • Size: 25,725 sq. ft.
  • Built: 2021

The Tent House is a stunning architectural marvel set on beachfront lot at the Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City in Al Khiran, southern Kuwait. Conceived by the esteemed architecture firm TAEP/AAP, this 2,390-square-meter residence reimagines the cherished tradition of family gatherings in the Arabian Peninsula. It pays homage to the region’s age-old custom of leaving bustling city life during holidays to seek solace by the seaside or in the desert, where temporary infrastructures are set up to foster quality time with loved ones and stands as a testament to the rich traditions of the Arabian Peninsula with a visionary approach to contemporary design.

This exceptional five-house complex shares a singular, folded concrete white roof that serves both form and function. The roof, strategically designed to provide respite from the harsh desert sun and wind, also allows for the gentle permeation of natural light during the day and creates an ethereal ambiance at night. Remarkably, the roof is perforated with rectangular cuts that filter sunlight into the interior spaces and frame breathtaking views of the sky. The ground floor exterior areas are transformed into lush, green oases, enveloping a central water element, and culminating in two double-height, shaded communal spaces that seamlessly connect the interior to the private beach. This innovative architectural gem embodies the essence of a desert camp, a beachfront haven, and above all, a cherished gathering place for families.

TAEP/AAP’s ingenious design maintains the perfect balance between privacy and openness. While providing seclusion from the access road and immediate neighbors, the Tent House embraces transparency through seafront glazed facades and garden terraces, ensuring that its lucky inhabitants are continually connected to the stunning surroundings. As an architectural masterpiece, it not only showcases the significance of shade in the unforgiving desert climate but also pays homage to the deep-rooted cultural traditions of the Arabian Peninsula, serving as a timeless embodiment of family togetherness and relaxation. The Tent House is not just a residence; it’s an architectural icon that marries tradition with innovation in a stunning coastal setting.

  • Architect: TAEP / AAP
  • Landscape: Susana Pinheiro
  • Photography: Fenando Guerra | FG+SG
  • Location: Al Khiran, Kuwait

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