The Best Luxury Hotels To Stay At In Australia

The Best Luxury Hotels To Stay At In Australia

When you travel to Australia, you’ll want to stay in style. Here are some of the best available luxury hotels to stay in when you visit Australia.

Luxury Down Under

Picture this; it’s your first holiday in over two years. You’re planning to go big when you travel, even if that travel is within your own country. You’ve planned ahead, and you have a significant budget to work with…but where will you go, and where will you stay? Fear not; we’ve got the answers right here. If you’re planning to travel to or around Australia when you take your sacred time off this year, we’ve got the list for you. Go ahead and book your private flights, book your limos or town cars and then check out our rundown of the best luxury hotels to stay in, in Australia.

Southern Ocean Lodge – Kangaroo Island

The Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island has endured many hardships over the past few years. The original buildings were razed to the ground in the devastating wildfires that ripped across Kangaroo Island in 2019 and 2020. The new-look lodge is still under construction and is expected to open early next year, so book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment. The new venue will keep its original footprint and hold 25 exquisite suites along the pristine coastline. Guests will be treated to uninterrupted views of the ocean and countryside. Glorious sunrises will take your breath away, and sea mists will welcome you to each new day as you rise. The addition of a new suite, the Ocean Pavillion, will treat guests to more incredible views, an outdoor terrace featuring an infinity pool, and all the privacy you could ask for. Subtle tweaks and upgrades to the Remarkable, Osprey, and Flinders suites mean more luxury than before.

Darwin Waterfront Luxury Suites – Darwin

If staying closer to civilization is more up your alley, why not check out the Darwin Waterfront Luxury Suites. The various units in this complex sleep anywhere from two to seven people. Most of the units have water views, and some of them even come with a rental car package thrown into the deal for good measure. Have a slow breakfast on the balcony overlooking the gardens and freshly cut green grass. Take a leisurely afternoon nap on the pristine sofa in your spacious, private lounge. Relax in your minimally styled surroundings and breathe the air that drifts in through the many windows of your apartment: oh, the bliss.

COMO The Treasury – Perth

Every single aspect of The Treasury is designed to perfection. Born from the mind of designer extraordinaire Kerry Hill, The Treasury features forty-eight modern, sleek rooms that promote a sense of serenity. The rooms mostly differ from one another, offering guests a unique experience if they choose to stay more than once. The cornices, balconies, and high ceilings are a holdover from the hotel’s previous function as government offices. If you’re planning ahead, we suggest visiting this stunning Perth hotel between August and March, when the weather is at its mildest. Indulge yourselves in the two divine restaurants on the premises, or take a little “you” time and relax in the library or lounge. Try out some of the holistic therapies on offer at the Shambhala Urban Escape and return to your real-life refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Mitchelton Hotel – Mitchelstown

The Mitchelton really is something completely special and unique. The clean, modern design manages to remain minimal but be cozy and inviting at the same time. Grey marble, black metal, and white walls come together to form a one-of-a-kind guest experience. Not only can you book rooms in the hotel itself, but there’s also the option of staying in a classic airstream!

Sit outside your silver door and take in the beauty of the vineyards around you in complete privacy. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, creature comforts are the name of the game at the Mitchelton. Attention to detail is paid, from the folding of the towels to the draperies and the muted colour palettes in all the rooms. Hecker Guthrie is the mastermind behind the tonal excellence that makes the Mitchelton the perfect getaway that it is.

Captains Rest – Tasmania

This coastal shack has been made over in the image of extreme luxury. Take time away from the rat race and step back into nature and back in time. This secluded shack-come-lakehouse is the perfect place to unwind on the water or in front of the fire. Bring a few bottles of your favourite wine and a bag full of your favourite books and hole up in this historic cottage in a scenic location. Winter visits are perfect for introspection, while summer visits are for those who want to join in the hot summer night festivities. Drink, dance, and chat into the wee hours or catch up on much-needed rest – the choice is yours. Fall into the comfort of this cottage and come back a changed person.

Wrap Up

Any of these incredible Australian locations would be a perfect choice for your well-deserved holiday.


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