Solutions To Make Sure You Receive Your Online Orders In New York City

Solutions To Make Sure You Receive Your Online Orders In New York City

If you are a resident of New York, you must, at least at some point in your life, have been a victim of the stolen packages. In fact, this is so common that now people need to put up cameras and monitor their outdoor entrance of any package coming by and if someone is stealing it. Well, there is one thing for sure, package locker service is the way to go. Letโ€™s look at it this way, you cannot stop ordering online. If you consider entire America, more than half of the population orders something online once every week. And a lot of those parcels go missing. But, why do the packages go missing? Here are some common reasons:

  • You are not home, and the package is just left at your doorstep by the delivery man hoping that when you arrive, youโ€™ll find your package in front of the door. This generally happens when your package comes early or after an allowed time that you would have thought to be home. 
  • The other reason is that you are home but, somehow you miss the bell or didn’t get a notification. Sometimes, the delivery guy themselves donโ€™t notify you about their arrival. So, miscommunication is one big problem. 

With so many issues and concerns, the probability that your package is stolen can be really high. Anyone can pick up your package and leave. So, what are the options you have? 

Well, for starters you can install a CCTV camera outside your house to monitor who comes in and goes. If your package is stolen, you can check the footage and hand it over to the police who can find out who the head was. But, there are some issues with this plan. For starters, a camera is an added cost that not everyone can budget for. Plus, once the package is stolen it can take days and sometimes weeks for the police to find the person who stole it. So, waiting so long just doesn’t make any sense. In most cases, if the package has something small and insignificant, people forget about it and move on. However, if it’s something valuable, they spend hours sitting in the front yard waiting for the package to arrive. Which is again not the most efficient way of getting a package. 

Apart from everything else, there is one way you can be sure that your parcel is delivered right. It’s through package locker service. They are one of the most in-demand and growing markets that help millions of Americans secure their package until you finally have them in your hand. Think about it โ€” which is more secure? Your package outside your house next to the door or safe in a locker? Well, that’s how helpful these locker services are. 

How does it work?

The way it works is fairly easy. You book a locker on a temporary basis from a package locker service provider. Once you do that, anything you order can be directly shipped and delivered to your locker address target rather than your home address. The package, once delivered, is stored safely in a locker until you come in, put your key in and take your package home. It not only provides you with the luxury to be sure your package is safe but also gives you the opportunity to take your time and visit the locker at your own pace. Plus, these are temporary lockers. It’s not like you have to own a locker forever. If you get frequent packages, you can subscribe to the lockers and keep them. But, if itโ€™s just one package, you can book the locker accordingly.ย 

Yes, you might think that the downside is the payout. After all, it’s a locker service and you have to pay. Why do that when you can get it on your phone and have it for free? But, the only issue is that youโ€™ll be gambling. Will you be there when the delivery comes? Will your package be stolen? It all just boils down to how safe you feel about it. If an incident like package theft has already happened to you then there is every reason why you should go for a locker storage system. 

It’s not just deliveries that you can store in the lockers, you can also keep your personal belongings securely in your locker more than at home. If you’re not a resident of NYC but just visiting the place for a day, rather than booking an entire hotel just for your luggage, you can go ahead and book a locker and fill it up with your stuff. It’s all about how you think of it. Lockers have become a must for any and everyone who resides in America. To stop package theft you either have to stop buying online or use something like a storage locker. While the first might seem a little ridiculous provided that one cannot stop buying or ordering things online, the latter is more acceptable.

Lockers are helpful in more than one way. They are useful when you want to get something delivered. You can store your own stuff in them. And the best part is that it’s not only you but your entire family who can enjoy the benefits of one locker. For example โ€” all your family members can get their stuff package delivered to the same locker address. You can go in there once a week and get all the things at once. Instead of waiting in suspense when your package is going to arrive? you can simply take the help of a package store. Think about it. Isn’t it the best idea after all? Apart from the little expense that comes with it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for a package locker service in your city. When choosing one, be wise and check customer ratings. There are so many lockers available today that getting confused about which one to choose is common. But, customer reviews can help sort you out.


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