Why You Should Not Think Twice When Using Stainless Steel For Your Project

Why You Should Not Think Twice When Using Stainless Steel For Your Project

Despite the initial high cost, stainless steel finds extensive application for structures by steel fabricators. That is because of the numerous benefits the metal offers as compared to many other metals both ferrous and non-ferrous. Indeed, welding stainless steel is not as easy as it is with other ferrous metals; the high corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel make it one of the most popular metals used for fabrication jobs. The high durability of stainless steel helps to recover the initial investment more. The apparent disadvantage of cost is offset by the advantages that stainless has over other metals that make it the most desired metal for the fabrication of structures and equipment undertaken.

Here are the unique selling points of stainless steel.

Corrosion and rust-resistant

Despite being a ferrous metal, stainless steel does not rust, and some grades of stainless steel are non-magnetic too. Being an alloy of iron, chromium, and some other metals like nitrogen, nickel, and molybdenum stainless steel prevents oxidation of iron and prevents rusting besides withstanding the corrosive effects of various chemicals. The high corrosion-resistant property of stainless steel makes it an all-weather metal that is also suitable for use in highly corrosive environments with high acidity or alkalinity and chlorides. An alloy of stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures, including cryogenic temperatures, which is why water heaters and other equipment use these in chemical plants.

High durability

Stainless has the quality of self-healing that ensures high durability as it can resist the damages that happen over time. Chromium in stainless steel forms an invisible coating of chromium oxide coming in contact with air that imparts self-healing properties to the metal. The effect prevents damage to the metal that remains intact for many years, even without any maintenance.

Easy to fabricate

Modern fabrication tools and techniques make it easy to work with stainless steel that can be cut and welded and given any shape. However, welding stainless steel needs special skills, and you must have trained people to do the job by knowing the tricks of welding that give the best results. A good fabricator like Metro Steel Fabrication knows how to handle stainless steel to create home structures like balustrades, handrails, etc. that look beautiful with their shining looks.Β  However, it is imperative to use the right equipment and tools, along with trained craftsmen, to do a good job.


Stainless steel is a highly sustainable metal because it is 100 percent recyclable. As people are becoming more conscious about the environment and trying to improve stainless steel is gaining more popularity. People can now make responsible decisions about using metals for their products and fabrication which helps to reduce carbon footprints.

Low maintenance and hygienic

The anti-corrosive property of stainless steel helps to retain the shining looks even without any maintenance, which helps to recover some of the costs involved in the initial investment. Wiping the surface of stainless steel with a cloth is enough to keep it clean, which makes it the ideal choice for use in places that require maintaining strict sanitary and hygiene.

The versatile metal suits varied applications and are used across all industry segments.


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