How to Lighten Up a Dark Room – 16 Helpful Tips

How to Lighten Up a Dark Room - 16 Helpful Tips

Do you ever struggle to read a book or view something on your computer? Your room may be too dark, but you can learn how to lighten up a dark room if that’s the case.

Then, you won’t have to use as much energy to read something. Instead, you can relax and take in the light.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Open the Blinds

Of course, the easiest step for how to lighten up a dark room is to open your blinds or curtains. Opening your blinds and curtains can allow a lot more natural light to enter your room throughout the day.

You don’t need to make any changes to the room design, so it can be great if you sometimes want a darker room. That way, you can sleep in without worrying about the light waking you up.

2. Switch to Sheer Curtains

If you can’t or don’t want to open your blinds or curtains completely, you may want to switch them out. Look for sheer curtains that may let some light in, even when you close them.

You can still open the curtains for more natural light, but the curtains can let in light at all times. If you don’t have curtains, you can also look for light-colored blinds.

If you have blue or brown blinds, that may make your room feel darker. Switch to a white set to make your room seem lighter.

3. Repaint the Room

A great option for how to brighten a dark room in a home you own is to add a new coat of paint. You can paint the ceiling white to help reflect light down into the room.

Look for neutral or light colors to repaint the walls. Then, you can make the room feel bigger and lighter. Whether you go for white walls, a light blue, or some other color, you can change the lighting without new furniture or light fixtures.

Of course, you’ll need to own your home or get permission from the owner to do this. But it can be a good option.

4. Add Mirrors

Anyone can add mirrors to improve their bedroom lighting. You can get a floor-length mirror to use for lighting and to help you try clothes on in the mornings.

Mirrors can also make a small bedroom feel much bigger, which can help with the lighting. While mirrors may not add light, they can give the illusion of more light.

You can look for functional or stylish mirrors, and you can hang them around your room to lighten up a dark room.

5. Replace Accents and Decorations

Whether you want to use mirrors or not, you should also consider other accents and room decor. If you have darker paintings or other decorations, that can make your room feel dark.

So swap out your darker paintings with ones that use more light colors. You can also get white side tables or look for other accents that use a light color scheme.

Put those in place of the darker decorations. Then, you can still have a stylish room, but the lighting will seem much more effective.

6. Install a Crystal Chandelier

When redoing your living room lighting situation, consider if it would make sense to add a chandelier. If so, look for a crystal chandelier to put on the ceiling.

Not only will that help you light the room, but the chandelier can help reflect the natural light that comes in. Then, you can get as much light in the room as possible.

Even if you have darker furniture, the crystal can be a great way to brighten up the space.

7. Buy More Lamps

Some of the best home lighting ideas involve using lamps. You can get plenty of lamps to place around the room so that you can light certain areas at a time.

If you have lamps, you can use them, but you may not want to use a dark lamp shade. Fortunately, you can find the right replacement lamp shade in a brighter or lighter color.

That way, more light can get through from the lamp, so you can improve the lighting.

8. Use Different Light Bulbs

Another option to try when figuring out how to lighten up a dark room is to use the right light bulbs. Bulbs come in different colors and intensities, and that can have an effect on the lighting in a room.

If you want to improve your bedroom lighting, look for true white or blue light bulbs. That way, you can make the room feel lighter without having to add more lighting or rely on natural light.

9. Swap Out the Furniture

If you’re able to do a full redesign of a room, consider getting some new furniture. Specifically, look for lighter-colored couches, chairs, and bedding.

While a black couch can look good, it may also absorb extra light. Switching to a light gray couch may be enough to add some of that light back to the room.

You can also get a white comforter or a white headboard for your bed. Then, you can enjoy the extra sense of light in your bedroom.

10. Introduce Shiny Objects

Another great way to lighten up a dark room is to use shiny, metallic objects. Whether you get a mirror with a metal frame or add a metal flower vase, it can help reflect light.

The reflection can help make the room feel lighter. And you can add as few or as many shiny objects as you like.

Consider getting objects that match the existing decor so that you don’t have to redo the entire room. Then, everything will look good together.

11. Redo the Flooring

Another significant change you can make is to get new flooring for a dark room. If you have dark wood flooring, consider switching it out for a lighter wood to help reflect light.

For carpeting, look for light brown as well. While the carpet may show more dirt, it’s a great option for how to lighten up a dark room.

Of course, you’ll need to own your house or get permission from your landlord. But it can be a great switch to make.

12. Get an Area Rug

If you can’t switch out the flooring entirely, you can add an area rug to brighten a dark room. The change is great for renters and owners because it’s temporary.

Look for a rug that’s a light color or has a pattern with bright colors. That way, you can make the room feel lighter.

Adding an area rug is also a great way to tie a room together. If everything feels random, you can get a rug that matches each item to make the space feel more cohesive.

13. Check on Your Trees

You may want to go outside when determining how to lighten up a dark room. If you have trees near the window in question, consider if the trees are blocking light.

When that happens, it can be hard to make the room feel light enough. Consider if you can cut any of the branches that are in the window’s way.

Then, you’ll be able to get more natural light to come in. And you can keep your trees healthy in the process.

14. Keep the Windows Clean

Another way you can help brighten a dark room is to check the windows themselves. Make sure the windows aren’t too dirty because that can affect how light gets in.

Clean your windows at least every week or whenever you start to notice dirt on them. Then, you can keep letting the natural light get into the room.

15. Adjust Your Bookshelves

If you have any bookshelves or other tall furniture, think about where they are. A bookshelf may look great next to your window, but it could block light from other parts of the room.

Instead, put your bookshelves on the wall opposite the windows so that they won’t block light. At the very least, move the bookshelves so that they’re a few feet away from the windows to allow more light to get through.

You can also rotate the bookshelf so that it’s wide instead of tall. Then, you can place it under the window or wherever else makes sense.

16. Focus on the Contrast

While most of the home lighting ideas focus on light furniture and other bright options, dark items have a place. You can look for small dark accessories or furniture and use them strategically.

Then, the dark items can contrast the lighter items to reinforce the light appearance of the room. While you don’t want to use a ton of dark items, some may help.

Look for linear items, such as chairs, to help contrast the light. That way, you can still enjoy some black or dark blue elements.

Reviewing How to Lighten Up a Dark Room

A dark room can be useful when you’re ready to sleep, but it can be hard on your eyes during the day. Luckily, you can try a few things when figuring out how to lighten up a dark room.

Whether you decide to repaint the walls or add some mirrors, do what works for you. Then, you can add light to the room without compromising on your style.


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