Home Styling Help – How to Make Your Property Appealing to Buyers

Home Styling Help - How to Make Your Property Appealing to Buyers

Selling your home is an exciting time. It usually means that you’re about to upgrade to a bigger, better property, or downsize to suit that laid-back retirement lifestyle. There’s so much to go through – all that paperwork, conveyancing, dealing with real estate agents, packing to move and more, all while dealing with life in general. But what if your home lacks that special something to make it stand out to potential buyers? The last thing you want is no offers or a dud result on auction day. So, let’s check out some home styling help and learn how to make your house appealing to buyers.

Your Interiors Need to Impress

People inspecting a home are usually hyper-critical of a property’s interiors. That’s why it pays to enlist the services of an interior design company in Melbourne. These highly skilled professionals know how to style a home so that it will knock the proverbial socks off potential buyers, making them instantly fall in love with your home’s interiors. They’ll consult with you and help to bring out the very best in each room, creating a beautiful display that’s designed to bedazzle and impress. You’ll see the result on auction day or when you get that first offer.

Tidy up the Yard

The very first thing people inspecting your home are going to see if the front yard. Imagine if your grass is overgrown, your garden beds are choked with weeds, and there are leaves strewn about everywhere. It’s not a good look, and remember, first impressions last. If you’ve got the time and energy, devote some effort to tidying up your gardens. The backyard counts too, as this is often the last thing that people inspect, and that impression will stay with them as they leave. So, break out that rake, those secateurs and the green bin and get to work. 

Remove the Personal Touches

While all your family portraits, trophies and other personal achievements adorning your wall may make your proud and feel at home, they will actually work against you while your home is open for inspection.  Potential buyers want to either imagine themselves living in your home or want to see it earning them passive income. Either way, a home that looks well lived in is actually working against you. So, before open days, remove all these personal effects and replace them with some neutral artwork or flowers instead. Think of your property as a blank canvas that your buyers can paint their lives on. 

A Fresh Coat of Paint

The final, finishing touch should be fresh coats of paint, inside and out. You’d be amazed at how this can brighten up even the most tired-looking of homes. If you’ve got the time to do this yourself, magnificent – although be warned, it can take a solid week if you’re doing two coats inside and out. If you’re pressed for time just hire a professional painter, who will do an excellent job for you. Doing this can add thousands of dollars onto your final sale price – and who wants to miss out on that?

A Sale Ready Finale

There are a few things you can do to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. First, employ a specialist interior design company to make each room pop with possibility and poise. Next, ensure that your front and back gardens are neat, tidy, trimmed and gorgeous. Make sure to remove all personal touches like portraits, photographs, trophies and qualifications. Finally, a fresh coat of paint inside and out will give your place a much-needed sparkle and shine. Good luck with the sale!


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