Should I Carry A Flashlight Every Day?

Should I Carry A Flashlight Every Day?

You have a multitude of reasons to carry a flashlight like imini Black Tiny Instant Flashlight with you for everyday activities, the same way you would not leave the home without your phone or wallet.

Having a flashlight makes it simple to navigate at night, helps you search under your dark vehicle seat, or can make reading simple with clear illumination. Even if you just carry a flashlight for emergencies like self-defense or power outages, keeping one near at hand comes in handy.

So what are the advantages of carrying an imini flashlight?  This guide will go over some practical reasons why you should consider carrying a flashlight as well as choices that are accessible to help you find the best light for you.

Why should I carry an EDC flashlight?

To identify potential risks 

Flashlights today are brighter and have a longer beam feature as well. When walking down a dark street or to your vehicle at night, they can help you spot possible risks while still far enough away to gain a benefit.

In emergency conditions

In an emergency condition where the power is knocked out, having a light is remarkable. In a rescue or survival condition where being placed is the best priority, you need a way to signal your place. Some flashlights come with unique modes such as beacon or SOS for just such a condition.

For self-defense

A flashlight will permit you to temporarily build an attacker and gain precious time to get away. It just takes 60-100 lumens to cause short-term blindness. Some lights even have strobe mode that is mainly designed to disorient a perpetrator by emitting a quickly flashing super bright light. Further, the power metal construction permits the flashlight to be used as a non-lethal weapon and can even be used to target a perpetrator over the head if need be.

To keep the battery on your phone

If your mobile battery is dead, it can be a real issue in a range of circumstances. Instead of using valuable battery life from your phone to provide you with light, a flashlight can be used instead. Then, when you need your mobile smartphone, it is accessible.

If you are sold on the advantages of carrying a flashlight and think it might be the best choice for you, the next step is becoming familiar with the general specs accessible. Once you understand your choices you will be capable to decide which light is best for you.

General features

There are many options and features accessible in flashlights today. When considering a flashlight as an everyday carry you will want to look at the general specs accessible. Once you have decided on the general features, you can then look at the extra options to consider. The general features to consider will be:

Run time

Run-time is measured in hours. Some flashlights can run for a hundred hours or more in low output mode. For an EDC, you will want to pick a light with a higher output lumen, somewhere in the 500-100 lumen range.

Beam distance

Beam distance is calculated in meters as the distance from the flashlight to an object or to a moonlight area. It is generally referred to as flood or throw.


Flashlights need to be strong and to be capable to withstand hard situations when being considered as an EDC. Look for lights that are built using top-standard military or weapon-grade aluminum. Further, a textured grip helps to keep the light from slipping out of your hand which is mainly vital if you need to use the light for self-defense.

Multiple/unique light modes

Flashlights today provide multiple light modes (medium, high, low) and some provide extra unique modes.  These models include strobe, SOS, and bacon. SOS and beacon provide signaling for emergency conditions while strobe delivers a bright quickly blinking light for self-defense.

Easy to use

Part of the ease of carrying a flashlight is being capable to fast and reliably deploy your light. Picking a flashlight that has simple-to-locate buttons and a user interface with open access to modes you use is the most perfect for you.


What is the amount of light EDC flashlight generates?

Understanding the common objective of the flight is very important.  But generally, an EDC flashlight will need to provide sufficient light to light up for the user conveniently. Anything around 2000 lumens of light is a helpful beam to view the backyard or dark side at home. Since they are used on a regular basis, let the light production be perfect to save the power source to reject going back to the shop every time.

What is an excellent size for an EDC flashlight?

Flashlights that are too big have been disqualified as the size is not relaxing during continuous use. It can be bulky and heavy. Too little on the other hand, is considered not to have the grip to generate little beams of light. So, having a medium size is the top option for the EDC flashlight.

What is the excellent material for EDC flashlight?

The EDC flashlights are naked to all manners of harsh situations on a regular basis. It can be used in waste, basement workshops, or even during a rainy season. So, having a strong material is the top bet. So go ahead to make them waterproof which is an extremely best idea for people to use near water. One with a hardened glass and rubber coating is best to make it serve you for long.

Where can I buy EDC flashlights?

Understanding what is the top flashlight is one thing and knowing where to get an excellent one is another. Reliable website shops will provide some very best options at reasonable prices. Some provide an explanation to justify the different brands they sell. Another advantage of trying Olight Store is the capability to match the many options they provide. One can only buy a flashlight from either the best electronic shop in a town or online.


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