Shared Contemporary Student Housing In Los Angeles

Shared Contemporary Student Housing In Los Angeles

Every student knows that going to college and getting new roommates is always something that comes together. Many first-year students will live in dormitories, sharing a room with another first-year student or an older mentor. As you get older, you can begin to branch out into sharing a house or apartment with other students from your course or another course in a more residential-styled setting. No matter where you’re living, this shared lifestyle comes with its own set of benefits and challenges.

When searching for a place to live, you will perhaps search for β€œapartments near me for rent” to find the most suitable accommodation nearby. When you find a place, get a rental contract in place, and meet your housemates, the first thing is to try and get along with the people you’re living with to ensure that everyone involved has a good time.

Having a successfully shared student living situation can provide some of the most rewarding times of your life. The key is to try and create a happy shared experience that everyone in the household will feel. Due to this, it is important to know the kind of things that are expected of you as a roommate. Here is a list of things that are sure to make your student living experience the best.

Be a Friend to Your Housemates

The first thing that you need to do is become friends with your housemates. If you have a choice, the best plan is always to choose people you are already comfortable with, whom you know you get along with. No matter who they are, it will always help down the line.

Little things like making coffee for not only yourself but the people you’re residing with go a long way. If you’re watching a movie, why not invite your housemate to come and watch it with you? When you are feeling stressed, use this time to listen, and when you’re feeling more relaxed, join in the fun. Be friends even when it feels hard. Doing all these things may seem small in some aspects, but they are a sure way to make living together work.

Share a Chore Roster with Fun Penalties for Forgetting

Sharing chores with other students is essential when living in shared accommodations. The tidy people will shoulder the burden if chores aren’t split up according to their duties or rosters.

Consider assigning chores based on what each person enjoys and is good at. It is likely that you will have at least one housemate who enjoys a quick vacuum but dislikes getting their hands dirty when it comes to dishes. Someone in your house may have no problem hauling away rubbish but struggle to scrub the toilet. Sort unpopular jobs and make sure you get your turn for favorite jobs.

Penalties should be enjoyable instead of punitive. In your next round of drinks with friends, the person who forgets to do their chores has to do a fun forfeit in the next game’s night.

Pay Your Way in Bills and Groceries

Students are learning in more areas than in the classroom. It can sometimes be the first time they are handling their finances. Don’t be the first housemate to accidentally spend all of their money before rent and bills are due, and don’t be the first one not to have enough cash for the communal groceries bought for the apartment. Keep on top of your finances by setting aside what you need to pay for each month when you get your allowance. Be responsible, as it doesn’t only affect yourself; it affects the people you’re living with.

Respect Housemate Space When They Need It

Spending time together is very important, but so is respecting time apart, especially when they need it. If your roommate has closed their door, it is a strong indicator that they are looking for some time alone and do not want to be disturbed. Sometimes you can feel their stress without sharing any words. If this is the case, give them a few hours to chill out. If there is an issue, they will come and speak when they are ready. 

Don’t make social time within your household a requirement rather than an added bonus. Always know what to do when someone needs time alone, even if you have something planned together. Sometimes people need a quiet moment to figure out their feelings and emotions. Sometimes it may be as simple as they are a little tired from all the studying they have been doing recently and want a cat nap.

Communicate Your Disagreements and Appreciation

Last but certainly not least is communication. Don’t leave things bottled up inside, as it can lead to arguments and distorted views of the people close to you. Share what is on your mind, especially if you feel it is affecting the peaceful environment your apartment once had. If you’re annoyed about missing food or wet towels on the floor, bring it up with respect and make yourself clear. 

Conversely, you should also try to share the good things you appreciate in the home. If your accidentally left-out dishes have been cleaned, or your laundry has been put into the dryer, an awareness of the other person completing these tasks as a favor should be expressed. Being thankful for nice actions within a household will only encourage more behavior like this in the future.

Sharing student accommodation can be some of the best times of your life. It is a time to make friends who could be around forever. If you start this friendship as best as possible, you will have created the best foundations for things to last.


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