Seven Top-End Kitchen Design Styles for Your Luxury Home

Seven Top-End Kitchen Design Styles for Your Luxury Home

Top-end kitchen design comes in many shapes and colors. Ranging from old school to new age, sustainable to elaborate, the options may seem endless. Folks on the starting end of a luxury kitchen remodel have a lot on their plates in terms of decisions. Where do we go from here?

It helps to narrow the options down to design styles. The award-winning kitchen design San Francisco-based company GK+B currently showcases a number of popular remodeling approaches. Seven of them demonstrate the leading themes of kitchen redesign for 2016:

Sustainable Bamboo

Opting for an environmentally friendly kitchen inherently calls for more floor space if the goal is to use less. However, homeowners can achieve the best of both worlds by using bamboo for cabinets and shelving, which is a sustainable resource. Furthermore, stainless steel surfaces utilize an immortal resource. Combining the two makes for an aesthetically pleasing kitchen space without having to cut down on storage and cooking space on behalf of Mother Nature.

Contemporary Woodside Ranch

Ranch-style homes can be difficult to update due to distinctively angular, often original wall and floor layouts. Kitchens are no exception. In fact, they tend to be exceptionally challenging thanks to one, two, or three outer walls in play. The contemporary woodside approach calls for mixing things up a bit. Modern style wired gloss finish cabinets exist alongside cabinets with rich, dark finishing. Alternating between butcher block, granite, and steel countertops is also part of the recipe. The goal is to successfully combine the sharp modern look with earthy tones. This eases the striking design of many ranch homes into the more subtle desires of contemporary home design.


Sometimes the architectural decisions of the past are so distinct and immovable homeowners have no choice but to work them into a remodel. The experimental design approach of the 1980s, for example, is a common headache for men and women wishing to bring kitchen space into the 21st century. The compromising technique for upgrading such a seemingly outdated space is to fill-in the high ceiling space and stick to streamlined fixtures. This way you open yourself up to a number of style options which can meld with the slanted walls and archways.


Traditional kitchens can be thought of as cozy. However, this doesnโ€™t mean they have to be cramped. Mainstays like a dominating island, centrally located oven, and window-facing sink are the keynote components of a traditional kitchen. Additionally, classic colors leaning on the lighter side of things tend to fit the traditional mold better than others. With that said, a bold blue or red can inspire the old-time feel as much as any.


Modern kitchen styles are seemingly endless. They represent the forefront of interior design creativity, and thus designers go on a variety of tangents. At the heart of contemporary kitchen design, however, is the installation of state-of-the-art appliances and fixtures. Anything more than that runs the risk of becoming prematurely outdated in the future (think the previously mentioned 1980s style.)


The mix of the old and the new tends to be the leading favorite of homeowners looking to luxuriously improve their kitchen space. Classic layout is combined with granite sinks, stainless steel refrigerators, and butcher block countertops to make the futuristic look comfortable and inviting.


The decision to remodel a kitchen in a predominantly white fashion is good for versatility. Making color the theme means the style is itself still up for grabs. Any of the previously mentioned approaches can be combined with a white kitchen style. The bottom-line is that everything looks good with white.

High-grade kitchen remodels are tricky affairs considering the many possibilities. Often times homeowners are constrained by existing structural factors or a clash of style between two seemingly necessary components. This conflict can be remedied with a comprehensive approach meant to unite the variety under an aesthetically pleasing theme. There are seven to choose from!


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