The Complete Solar Roofing Guide

The Complete Solar Roofing Guide

An increasing number of homeowners are using solar power to reduce their utility costs and carbon footprint, mainly due to the growing availability of renewable energy. A solar roof is also called a photovoltaic roof, and it is a roof system designed to acquire electricity from the sun. 

Solar roofing entails solar shingles or tiles incorporated into the roofing material, which turns the sun into electrical energy. Solar roof shingles are designed to resemble traditional roofs like ceramic or slate, and they blend perfectly when installed by an experienced solar roofing contractor. 

Below we discuss everything you need to know about solar roofing.

Pros of Solar Roofing

The main benefits of installing solar roofing include the following;

  • It is clean and fully renewable
  • Solar is a reliable and consistent form of energy
  • It significantly reduces your utility bills
  • It can be used in most climates and locations
  • It increases your propertyโ€™s value
  • They have a modern and neat look that improves your homeโ€™s aesthetics.


Solar roofing has the following cons;

  • A solar roof is costlier than other solar panels
  • The upfront costs are higher than other designs
  • Solar shingles and tiles are less efficient compared to other solar panels
  • Installing solar panels is quite complex compared to other designs. 

Solar Roofing Cost 

The average cost of a solar roof system is around $45,000, including labour and material costs. The price of your preferred solar roofing varies significantly, depending on location, size, and your preferred solar energy provider. 

Which are the Best Solar Roofing Companies in 2023?

Below we discuss the most common solar roofing brands in 2023.


Tesla was founded in 2004 and is widely recognized for its clean energy solutions and electric vehicles. One of their best innovations is the Tesla solar roof, a durable and unique roofing design that features the solar design into the tile design. 

These solar panels have a long lifespan, with a twenty-year warranty. The Tesla solar roof is also easy to manage, and owners can easily control it using the Tela application. 

Certain Teed

Certain Teed is a renowned company with significant knowledge in the roofing sector. This company has operated for over ten years and has two roof options currently. Certain Teed roofs are easy to install and fit almost all roof designs. 

Suntegra Solar

Suntegra Solar offers a two-in-one option by mixing different solar cells to produce electricity. This company’s items use 50% fewer materials than other PV units, making them cost-effective. 

Suntegra Solar provides two options and is common among most households. 

Solar X

Solar X is a common installation contractor dealing with commercial and residential systems. These units are both long-lasting and visually attractive than other designs. This company uses the latest technology to make state-of-the-art roofs and provides factual information to its clients. 

Final Thoughts

Solar roofing units have become more popular among households, and it is hard not to see why. These units are easy to install and manage and are available in different types. The above article has discussed the complete solar roofing guide, and you can contact us for more information.


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