Red Flags To Look For When Shopping For Solar

Red Flags To Look For When Shopping For Solar

The argument of whether solar is a good investment is no longer in question for California homeowners as the increasing utility rates and $0 installation costs make solar savings clear. The tax rebates available for consumers who make the switch to solar make it an even better time for homeowners to learn the benefits of owning their own solar equipment. However, the rise in popularity within the solar industry has led many leasing agents and brokers to the marketplace – and some are more trustworthy than others. 

Typically when a homeowner is interested in solar, they call up their local solar retailer. Other times, they may have been pitched by someone who knocked on their door. What most homeowners do not realize is that the sales representatives they are working with are paid to offer limited solutions offered by the company that employs them. 

My Solar Solutions has a different approach. They work for the client instead of one specific company to secure wholesale pricing on Tier 1 equipment and warranties. They have a reputation for being honest and letting a homeowner know if solar may not benefit them. They carefully examine the costs to get the home solar-ready, evaluate whether the homeowner’s kWh is too low, and analyze other factors that sometimes eat into the benefits that solar provides.

Solar Solutions combines industry expertise with strong solar experience, giving consumers a solar broker that they can trust. When researching solar options, homeowners should be wary of brokers who lack experience and knowledge of the money that can be saved by switching to solar. Even more, they should be aware of brokers who make false promises, leaving them with a large bill or faulty equipment.

Most homeowners do not have the industry experience to know what red flags to look for, especially when it comes to financing costs, consumers can be assured that they are working with a company that is trusted, experienced, and able to get them the best deal on their solar installation.

Research Your Solar Broker

There have been horror stories throughout the industry of homeowners who have signed up for solar installation, thinking they will reduce their energy bill, only to receive unexpected charges months later. One California homeowner in particular signed up for solar with a broker who came to his door. He paid cash to have his system installed – but within a year, he received a $3,000 utility bill. 

The utility company notified the homeowner that although he was using a solar unit, the company he had gone solar with had not followed the correct process to operate the system, and it had not been running for a year. The representative who had signed up the homeowner had already stopped working for the company, and they refused to help the customer, leaving him out of options. This particular homeowner was desperate for answers and called My Solar Solutions, who did some investigation on their behalf and determined the solar installation was not permitted, nor did the solar company submit the correct forms to the utility company to ensure their system would run properly.

To avoid this nightmare scenario, it is crucial for consumers to work with solar brokers who are licensed in California and have at least three years of verified solar experience. If someone comes to your door, do not accept an offer in that initial meeting – take the time to research the company, read any publications about them, and investigate customer reviews.

Solar Brokers Should Work for the Customer

With the solar industry steadily growing, many people see it as a great way to make money. Unfortunately, many of them are driven to increase their earnings – even if that is at the expense of their customers. 

Solar brokers that are sincere about helping their customers receive the best deals on solar will be willing to offer different quotes, different financing options, and will engage in deep work to serve their customers. This includes being transparent with the customer when it comes to tax credits. Some solar companies will promise tax rebates to consumers who sign a solar lease or power-purchase agreement (PPA). However, these two agreements are not eligible for tax rebates.

Reputable companies will also ensure that if you are signing up with financing options, you are working with one of the leading firms in the industry – a company like Mosaic, Good Leap, or Sunlight Financial.

The bottom line is that reputable solar brokers will take the time to explain exactly how solar power will help their consumers in both the short and long-term future. The best companies in the industry are not trying to make a quick sale but instead are developing relationships with their clients, solving their most pressing energy needs, and delivering a solution that will last.

At My Solar Solutions, they have earned a reputation throughout the solar industry as a company to trust. With years of experience and knowledge of the best solar solutions, they have been helping homeowners throughout California safely and effectively make the switch to solar.

If you have recently gone solar and are experiencing issues but cannot seem to get a resolution from the company you purchased from, My Solar Solutions has been known to help homeowners resolve their issues free of charge. My Solar Solutions has a strong referral-based business model, so even if they were not the ones to sell solar to the homeowner, they are happy to help them resolve issues by contacting the solar companies on their behalf. This speaks to Solar Solutions culture and how they treat their customers and people in the community.

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