REC Watches Iconic P-51 Little Red & Green Hornet Limited Collection

REC Watches Iconic P-51 Little Red & Green Hornet Limited Collection

The new P-51 limited watch collection from REC is recycled from the holy grail of lost collectors’ cars and some of the most sought-after vehicles in postwar history, the iconic Little Red & Green Hornet Ford Mustangs.

A truly unique concept, every single REC timepiece incorporates salvaged, recycled parts from iconic vehicles from all over the world that are beyond repair and tracking their origin and previous owners to tell the story. A concept they named RECOVER, RECYCLE, RECLAIM – or just REC for short.


Countless enthusiasts and experts were sure Little Red had been destroyed more than 50 years ago and lost forever – even more people questioned it had ever existed. She was ordered by famous race driver and car designer Carroll Shelby, when he came back from the Le Mans 1966 with Ford’s first overall win. He wanted to put the big block engine, from the Ford GT40 that had just won the LeMans, in Little Red, making it his personal R&D car.

The hunt for Little Red had become a personal quest for car enthusiast and Chairman & CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company, Craig Jackson. He put together a dedicated team to find Little Red and in 2018, his persistence payed off. Little Red was discovered March 3 in rural North Texas.


The Green Hornet was an experimental styling car with Shelby scoops, rear spoiler and the genesis of the Mustang California Special. It was given to Carroll Shelby by Ford, who started experimenting on the car with bigger engines and the newest tech that Ford was working. An electronic fuel injection made the green Mustang way ahead of its time.

At the time Fords’ policy was to destroy prototype vehicles to avoid them entering circulation. Somehow Green Hornet avoided its fate. In 2018 the car was fully restored to its former glory. In this process excess sheet metal from the restoration process was donated to REC Watches and built directly into the design of the limited-edition P-51 timepiece.


Being granted the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use these components from the mythological legends in their timepieces, REC made a promise to owner Mr. Craig Jackson that their timepieces would honor the automotive history, the cars represent.

When REC started working on the P-51 design in early 2019, they had two overall goals: They wanted the design to reflect its mythological siblings as well as creating a watch that stands on its own. Secondly, they wanted to create something more wearable for all wrist sizes and therefore downscaled the size to 42 mm.

Creating a watch that honors the design of some of the most iconic Mustangs ever built has been one of their greatest challenges yet. A true Mustang aficionado will immediately recognize all the small design references whereas a watch fan will appreciate the masculine and original design of this watch collection.

  • Name: P-51 Little Red & Green Hornet
  • Brand: REC Watches
  • Product: Watch Collection
  • Designer: REC
  • Country: Denmark
  • Price: $1,695 USD – 2021


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