Real Estate Investment – Roofing Maintenance Tips For First Time Landlords

Real Estate Investment - Roofing Maintenance Tips For First Time Landlords

Being a landlord has its perks, but it doesn’t come without responsibilities. It’s necessary to keep your real estate investment in pristine condition for it to be attractive to rent and safe to live in.

The roof is one of the biggest and most significant surfaces you’ll have to maintain regularly. To be thorough in roofing maintenance, here’s what you need to keep in mind if you’re a first-time landlord.

Regular inspections

A regular roof inspection will definitely save you money, no matter whether you do it on your own or you hire a professional. It’s easier to catch minor issues in time and save your roof from major problems and repairs. It will also ensure a longer lifespan of the roof.

Some things you can check on your own, including:

  • higher energy bills
  • a sagging roof deck
  • stains on the walls or the ceiling
  • wear and tear around the roof openings
  • leaks in the attic
  • cracked, curled or even missing shingles.

However, in case you need to do some work or repairs on the roof, don’t start anything before you have a site inspection. Professionals like those in Universal Mobile Tower Hire check the area and the roof, assessing what type of machinery will be needed and what the safest choice is.

Maintaining gutters

Gutter cleaning needs to be done every year. It’s best if you also use a rake and leaf blower to cleat the leaves off the roof. Leaves and twigs that get piled up in the gutters lead to the forming of icicles and ice dams. They create extra weight for the roof, but they can also cause leaks when they eventually melt and create pools.

Obstructed gutters can also damage the landscape. The area below the gutters is affected by the overflowing water. In other words, the excess water from the gutters can damage your delicate flowers and other plants. Besides that, the excess water running down can easily enter your home, too. Finally, the water could damage the foundation, especially if there are expansive soil conditions in the area.

Installing gutter guards may be a good step but be careful with wire mesh guards. They are good at keeping large debris away, but smaller leaves and pine needles can’t be blocked. As these mash guards prevent you from reaching the gutters, it will be much harder to clean them thoroughly. Micromesh and hinged guards are a safer choice. The former keeps out even pine needles while the latter can be lifted before the cleaning.

Proper insulation

The primary role of the insulation on the roof is to serve as a thermal barrier for the house/building. It needs to keep the hot/cold air inside the building, reducing the energy bills. This is why you need to have proper ventilation and insulation in the attic. It will decrease the moisture under the roof and prevent ice dams from forming on the roof.

Roof free from moss and algae

Not only moss and algae growing on the shingles and roof tiles look very unattractive, but they are also damaging to the roof. If you don’t attend to this problem in a timely manner, these tricky organisms can make you spend thousands of dollars on your roof.

To prevent moss and algae from developing on the roof, you need to regularly trim the branches overhanging the roof. As said before, it’s important to clean debris regularly and don’t forget to keep the attic properly ventilated. Too much moisture is perfect for algae and moss to get out of hand.

Trim the trees

It’s great to have a tree in the yard but know that one strong storm could easily break a big branch that could damage the roof.

Besides that, trees have to be regularly trimmed for several reasons. First of all, pine needles from trees can easily clog the gutters, and it’s not always easy to reach them. Secondly, overgrown branches above the roof can make it easier for animals to enter your attic. Animals like possums, raccoons, skunks, and squirrels will use the branches to make a mess in the attic. Lastly, too large branches over the roof make large shade. Shade provides moisture, which is perfect for moss to grow.

Mind the snow during winter

Winter months can be especially dangerous for the roof. Heavy snow can easily accumulate on the roof. If you let it lay there for too long, it can cause your roof to collapse eventually. You need a snow rake to get rid of the buildup. If you are not sure you’ll be able to do this on your own without endangering your safety, it’s better to hire a professional.

Final comment

Being diligent when it comes to roof maintenance is of utmost importance. Never skip works and checks that need to be performed at a certain time or in a certain period. That’s the best guarantee your roof will last longer and give you the best possible protection.


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