Real Estate Essentials – 6 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

Real Estate Essentials - 6 Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

Winter is finally taking its leave and with the beautiful flower blooming, the sun shining brightly and gardens start coming to life, it is high time to put away the dark textiles and heavy blankets, open those windows and welcome spring. It is that time of the year where splashes of colors can be seen anywhere. So, break out from the spells of ice and winter and prepare your home for the sunny, fun days ahead!

Here are some simple ways to freshen and spruce up your home for the new season ahead.

1. Brighten Your Windows

It is that time of the year to allow a little sunshine in and make your home brighter. Clean out those windows from the inside out in order to frame all that springtime warm greens outside! You can get cleaning gears from your local store or just create homemade glass cleaner, just mix in equal parts of water and distilled white vinegar, pour to a reusable spray bottle and get ready to channel your inner Hazel. After all the cleaning, brighten your window for the new season with fresh fabric. Consider beautiful, floral-pattern shades so you can turn your window into a wonderful work of art while also allowing natural light in.  

2. Flowers and More Greens

Spring is the best time of the year to bring the outside in your home. Whether you have a window-sill herb garden, grow plants or just arranged several fresh cut flowers, adding a touch of green is a great way to spruce your home for spring. Add fresh decorative touches with houseplants, dramatic bouquets of flowers, forced bulb, and sculptural driftwoods. Place them on coffee tables, dining tables or on windows. You can even go all the way and create a dwarf garden on your balcony. Indoor flowers and plants will help clean the air inside as well as making your home smell great and fresh. My suggestion is to add plant life in every room.

3. Get Rid of Mold and Dampness

It stands to reason that, after the chilly, winter months, there might be slight dampness and mold build up in your house. This usually occurs when heat and moisture collide. So, his spring, deal with garden sheds which need re-felting and cleaning out the green growth on exterior walls and dampness inside your home caused by the winter storms and rains. You can add anti-mold additives when re-painting for damp areas. The attic needs insulation that is spread out evenly and properly and make sure that you do not leave ay plasterboard exposed. Also, consider waterproofing Johannesburg that specializes in mold remedy and condensation and damp-proofing. 

4. Chiming Accessories

Wind chimes are one of the best spring home accessories you can have. It provides you with the option to hear the light spring breeze instead of just feeling it. You can either buy beautiful chimes at local stores or make DIY wind chimes you can hang in your balcony, windows or in your front door and celebrate the end of harsh winter winds and the beginning of mellow breezes offered by wonderful spring!

5. Bright Colors and Floral Themes

Spring is all about an explosion of colors! So, make sure to accentuate your home with the colors green, yellow, purple, and bright pink that sets the tone for this season. Opt for bright wallpapers that add the right flair to your home. Do not forget to bring in bright-colored flower vases, rugs and frames that should spruce up your room. Also, whether it is your sofa cover, curtain or pillow cover, floral is the perfect theme for spring. So, make sure to replace all those solid, boring shades with floral hues in order to give your home a vibrant look. 

6. Spruce Your Front Door

Your home’s front door provides the first impression to any guests or visitors. So, make your home unique and stand out from your neighborhood by getting your entryway ready for spring. Consider painting your front door to a distinct spring color and decorate it with a tasteful spring wreath. Also, don’t forget to switch out your doormat. And when the weather gets a bit warmer, you can then add some pots of plants and spring flower on your stop next to your door.


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