How To Select The Best Fabric For Your Sewing Project

How To Select The Best Fabric For Your Sewing Project

You are excited about your first sewing project. You visit the market and buy the fabric at random. You begin with your sewing project. Soon, you realize that the fabric is low in quality, and the dress you designed did not turn out to be the way you wanted. You regret the decision of choosing the wrong fabric. Your first sewing project meets a dead end. 

Selecting the wrong fabric can cost you your entire sewing project. Therefore, it is essential to make a sound decision. Today, the markets are full of the best quality fabrics. You can also explore them at the fabrics online store and buy them at competitive prices.ย 

Here is a quick buying guide on how to select the best fabric for your dream sewing project: 

Do the research

Start by researching the fabric that you want to buy. You can carry out research online before you add a product to your cart. Know the type of fabric, know its cleaning and maintenance methods. Learn about its quality, content, and everything else. It is only after enough research that you will end up buying the best available fabric for your sewing project. 

Inspect the drape

Experts suggest always inspect the drape of the fabric. Merely going with the color and appearance is not enough. You need to assess the technicalities behind the making of the fabric. If you are shopping for the fabric offline, unroll it a few yards and check how it hangs. If you are buying it online, check the specifications and then make the best choice. Generally, silk hangs softly, and linens fall on a heavier side. 

Check the width

The most common width options that you will find in many fabrics are 60 inches and 45 inches. Choosing the width of the material is subjective as it depends upon the design that you will create out of the fabric. If you are confused about the suitable width, ask an expert. 

Assess the color

The choice of color plays a role when you choose the fabric. Thus, ensure to select the color wisely. It is because the lighting or screen of your mobile/laptop always makes the color look different. What you see in bright lights or screens is entirely different from the actual color of the cloth. 

Test the stretch

Testing the stretch of the clothing material is easy if you are buying the product offline. Just pull the fabric between your finger and then test the stretch. If you are buying fabric online, try to converse with the service provider about the stretch of the material. Just like the width, the stretch of the material is also a personal choice. If you want your dress to look more natural, buy a stretchable material. If not, a non-stretchable material will work as well. 

Know about the after-care

Last but not least, always learn about the after-care of the fabric. If you want the results of your sewing project to last long, it is essential to care for it properly. Different types of materials demand varied methods of after-care. For instance, some fabrics, if dried under direct sun, lose their sheen. Many fabrics require a subtle wash. Maintaining your fabric with due care will help you maintain its sheen, quality, and comfort in the long run. 


Apart from these considerations, you can also buy the fabric according to your budget. Plan your budget, and then make the best choice. If you are buying the clothing material online, compare the prices of the same fabric on different platforms and then pick the most pocket-friendly option.


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