Real Estate Essentials – 5 Tips to Dress Up Mismatched Windows in Your Home

Real Estate Essentials - 5 Tips to Dress Up Mismatched Windows in Your Home

In today’s real estate market, getting your home ready for sale is often a process of decluttering, prepping and staging. if you’re thinking of selling and thinking you should also consider the often-overlooked opportunity of making your listing stand out from the crown by dressing up your windows. But what if you have extra wide windows side by side with extra narrow ones in the same room? Extra-long windows paired with low ones on opposite walls?

Dressing up windows of different lengths, widths and shapes in the same interior space can be challenging. Here are some practical window treatment suggestions to create a smarter look among your odd sized windows.

1. Go custom

It’s often a challenge to dress up odd sized windows with off-the-shelf window treatments. Those extra wide windows jostling shoulder to shoulder with extra narrow ones may never look good with standard sized readymade curtains.  But custom window treatments can be tailored to match the window dimensions to bring in unification. And you don’t have to spend a fortune either. There are some highly well-priced options available these days for custom curtains and shades.

2. Try shades instead of curtains

Roman shades or blinds are often a better fit than traditional drapery for windows of varying widths within the same room. It’s easier to create a harmonious vibe with them, and if placed cleverly, they can help hide (or at least downplay) the mismatched sizes. Available in a wide range of options – flat panel, hobbled, or European – you don’t need to compromise stylistically either!

3. Try floor grazing panels

Windows of varying heights need dressing up? We suggest floor grazing drapery panels. Just mount all your curtain rods at the tallest window’s height. Floor grazing curtains suspended from uniform height create an illusion of same sized windows. Another option could be mounting curtain rods at ceiling height across the wall(s) and hanging extra long curtains grazing or puddling on the floor. This will create an illusion of extra height in the room, with a luxurious effect.

4. Try valances as window toppers

Valances are a stylish window top option to create a sense of unity among your windows. Fortunately, valances are available in numerous styles and fabric options to match your décor theme and room look. Swag valances with ‘drape across brackets’ convenience work really well in unifying mismatched windows. Just be sure to pick the same color and fabric for all the valances in the room. This is a good solution for windows of varying widths, but may not work if windows are at varying heights in the same room! 

5. Go Mismatched

Here is a contrarian view. Rather than unifying odd sized windows to create an illusion of harmony, why not play up the difference between your windows and create a bohemian or eclectic look? After all; a bit of nonchalant diversity can add considerable character to the room. We suggest giving a range of custom window treatments to your mismatched windows.  To avoid sloppiness; just keep the color of all window treatments either same or fairly close. For example: Dress up short mid-wall windows with custom shades in beige and gold. On nearby full-length windows, use floor length drapes in beige with golden tassels. The effect should be spectacular!


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