9 Effective Uses for Microfiber Towels

9 Effective Uses for Microfiber Towels

Green cleaning is one of the best ways you can have a house that is safer to live in. Experts say that cleaning with green supplies and tools improves the indoor air quality in a home and creates a safer environment.

If you don’t know a lot about green cleaning, there’s one key thing you can do – switch to microfiber towels.

These towels are durable, versatile, and incredible, and you can use them for almost any cleaning task you have.

In fact, here are nine amazing uses for microfiber cloths that you might not know.

1. Windows

When you clean the windows in your home or car, what do you use? Many people use paper towels and window cleaner, and while these might work well, they are not the best options for windows.

Instead, try using microfiber cloths to clean your windows. To do this, get the towel wet with hot water and wring it out well. Next, wipe down the windows. When you finish, they will dry quickly, and you will have streak-free windows.

Using this method for cleaning your windows eliminates the need for paper towels and chemicals. You can save money by switching to these cloths, and your windows might be cleaner than they usually are.

2. Stainless Steel Appliances

If you have stainless steel appliances in your home, you probably know how difficult it is to clean them. No matter what you do, you might see streaks on these appliances all the time.

Using microfiber cloths is an excellent solution to this problem. When you use these towels, you can clean your stainless steel appliances without any harsh chemicals.

After cleaning them, you might be surprised to see how clean they are. Your appliances will not contain any streaks or smudges. They will be spotless!

3. Vehicles

Did you also know that you can use microfiber cloths to clean your vehicles? Among all the uses for microfiber cloths, this is one many people don’t realize.

You can clean the inside of your car with these towels and the outside. You can also use them to clean the windows, headlights, and mirrors.

If you ever decide to wax your vehicle, you can use these cloths to apply the wax and to wipe it off. If you give this a try, you may never go back to the towels you used before. You’ll see such a huge difference in the results.

4. Electronics

Today, most people have many types of electronic devices, including TVs, computers, tablets, and cellphones. Do you ever clean these items? Some people clean theirs regularly, while others rarely clean theirs.

What do you typically use to clean these items? If you’re not using microfiber towels, you should start.

Microfiber towels eliminate most of the germs and bacteria found on devices and hard surfaces.

As a result, cleaning your electronics with these towels will leave them cleaner and safer to use. You’ll probably also notice how nice they look after wiping them with microfiber towels.

5. Air Vents

How often do you go through your home and clean your air vents? If you never do, you might want to start. One of the many uses for microfiber towels if for air-duct cleaning.

While you cannot reach deep inside your vents, you can wipe the covers with these cloths. You can also remove the vents to access the inside parts of the ducts.

Wiping these with microfiber towels can help you improve the air quality in your home, as you can wipe away bacteria, germs, and other contaminants.

6. Face

You might be surprised to learn that microfiber towels are not only useful for cleaning parts of your home and cars, but it’s true. You can use these cloths to clean your face.

If you have a nighttime routine for cleaning your face, it might be helpful to start using microfiber cloths. Wiping your face with these will remove all your makeup, including types that are normally hard to remove.

Additionally, you might experience clearer skin, as the cloths remove bacteria. If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s worth a try. You might even find that you love the way it feels on your skin. A microfiber towel like Mizu works more like an antibacterialย face towelย that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria growth and keeps you safe. Moreover, these towels come with a self cleaning silver fiber that changes color when the dirt builds up.

7. Toys

If you have children or grandchildren, it’s vital to keep their toys clean.

How often do you clean these toys, and what do you use to clean them? Many people use antibacterial wipes for this purpose. While this works, it is also harmful, as these wipes contain chemicals.

Using microfiber towels is a simple and effective way to clean all the toys you own. All you will need is a clean cloth and hot water. After rinsing the cloth in hot water, wring it out well and wipe all the toys.

These toys will be germ-free and safe for your children.

8. Bathroom Fixtures

Another use of microfiber towels is bathroom cleaning tasks. A bathroom is a room that is often full of germs and bacteria. If you don’t use the right products or efforts, your bathroom might have a harmful environment.

If you want to have a cleaner and safer bathroom, try using microfiber towels. You can use them to clean your mirror, vanity, toilet, and tub.

9. Floors

Finally, you might want to try cleaning your hard-surfaced floors with microfiber. When you use floor cleaning products, they can leave a residue on your floors. They can also increase the toxins in the air.

Switching to microfiber towels leaves your floors cleaner and your house safer, and it’s a cost-effective method. Again, all you need is a clean cloth and hot water to use.

Using Microfiber Towels Provides Many Benefits

Using microfiber towels provides so many benefits. They help you save money, and they don’t require using harsh chemicals. They are also effective and do not harm the environment.


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