How to Stage a Mid-Century Home

How to Stage a Mid-Century Home

There are some types of houses and apartments that suit certain sorts of furniture and décor better than others. Modern homes, for example, tend to be smaller than those of a certain vintage, and do not go well with more grandiose furnishings. Older homes may need more maintenance, yet they offer value for money in terms of space and often come with period fixtures and fittings.

If there is one type of home that is very popular at the moment it is those from the mid-century. Built to last and exuding a certain quality not always found in the more modern home, these houses and apartments are the perfect choice for someone who wants to make a home with a statement. In the following article we will talk about how to stage a mid-century home so it looks the part, and why 20th century design is in vogue right now.

20th Century Design

The 20th century was an age of revelation and rapid development, not least in the world of design. For many people, furniture and other design from that century represents the height of creativity, and much of the items made over the 1900’s is now eminently collectable. Furniture in particular has stood the test of time, with the minimalist look to the fore.

The Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th and early 20th century built its base on craftsmanship and brought to the fore many now heralded designers, among them the multi-talented William Morris. However, by the 1920’s the mood had changed, and the minimalist look became the favored style.

Simple, clean and easy to use designs in furniture and appliances – as well as in the motoring and aviation world’s – became the motifs of the 20th century, overthrowing the fussy and complex décor of the Victorian era. Scandinavian designers were particularly prevalent in the middle of the century, and modernist movements in the USA, Japan and elsewhere sprung up and dominated the world of architecture and product design. 

If you want an idea of the style we are talking about check out these minimalist and mid-century bar stools that would fit beautifully in a mid-century loft, apartment or house paired with other iconic styles of the moment. However, you are not limited to minimalist and modern design in a mid-century home, but you will find it works best with the fixtures and fittings that are in place. Let’s look at why people – and millennials especially – are turning their attention to this era of house.

Benefits of a Mid-Century Home 

As mentioned above it has been noted that younger people are getting into mid-century homes because they appreciate what this sort of building has to offer. Good design is something that cannot be overlooked, and many of these homes are simple yet stylish designs that offer a great deal of space at sensible prices. As they tend to be suburban or town properties, they are also ideally placed for many buyers who want to live in a good spot.Apart from the minimalist bar stools we talked about earlier on, there is plenty more furniture that will fit in such a house. Many replicas of iconic pieces such as Eileen Gray’s famous and very beautiful glass and chrome coffee table and the legendary ‘Barcelona’ chair by Mies van der Rohe are available at sensible prices so you don’t have to splash out for an expensive original. So what else do you need to think about when buying a mid-century house or apartment as your chosen home?

Choose Your Décor with Care

The great thing about buying a mid 20th century house is that it has more than likely had many perishable systems replaced. This gives you a reliable and solid blank canvas onto which you can imprint your style. Should you choose the minimalist and modern look, you will find there is plenty of 20th century design furniture and decorative items on sale at the online auction sites, and at prices that may surprise you.

We recommend that you keep things simple for the best results. Plain walls – either papered or painted – are perfect for hanging 20th century art. Abstracts are popular with young people, and there are websites where up and coming artists sell their products for good prices. You never know, you may buy something that rises in value as the artist becomes better known.

For furnishings you might want to look to local auctions too, as you will find plenty of mid-century examples of stylish sideboards, for example, which will sit very well in your carefully staged mid-century home. Auctions are a great way of getting quality pre-owned items in good condition and at seriously discounted prices. Make yourself aware of the commission charges of your local auctions as this can add to the total cross.


If you are looking to buy a mid-century home you are making a sensible decision as they are rapidly becoming desirable, especially amongst young professionals who understand that design from that era is sought after. Find a quality home in a good area and take your time choosing the furnishings to go with it and you will certainly have a beautiful home that will be appreciated by visitors. Start looking at 20th century design right now and get to know the names to look for and you will have a head start when you begin to decorate your new home.


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