Patio Lighting Ideas For Our Outdoor Space

Patio Lighting Ideas For Our Outdoor Space

Lighting for our patio and garden is an essential thing. How could it be without any lighting ideas? Dark, boring, and dull. Outdoor lights will make your space more attractive and encourage you to spend some time outside. Take a glimpse at our propositions:

Solar lights

Solar lights are one of the most common path lights to brighten up the road to the garden or patio. There is a wide range of products to choose from. Different sizes, colours, and shapes of solar lights are available on the market.

We can also pick other types of solar lights, such as outdoor wall lights. This kind of outdoor lighting is excellent for making our patio more visible and to underline the material from which the wall is made.

String lights

Patio String Lights

This way of patio lighting is as popular as the previous one. We’re sure that you have seen them before, and we can agree that they look glorious. They add a bit of magic to our patios, and we can feel like we are in a fairy tale when they are hanging from the ceiling or the nearby tree.

String lights or festoon lights consume more electricity than LED lights, but our outdoor space will definitely look better if we use the first option. We think that more people would actually use string lights rather than standard LEDs because they create a unique atmosphere and give warm light.

Pendant lights and ceiling lights

This type of overhead lighting is commonly used in our homes, but it is also a good choice for patio lighting. We can choose everything we want. There are plenty of options, and we can let our imaginations run wild. Modern or old-fashioned ones can be used as a patio lighting idea.

The only disadvantage of ceiling and pendant lights is that you must install an electric installation. If we compare them with string lights, there is not such a problem because they are solar-powered. This type of lighting will be best used above the outdoor dining table.

Sparkle lighting

Sparkle Lighting

The next way of patio lighting ideas is sparkle lights. Mainly used on our Christmas trees as decorative lights, but also in other places. Their universal use allows us to fit them everywhere, so they are a good idea for patio lighting.

They are often LED, so we will save on our electricity bills. That could be a huge advantage for many people. Another plus is that they can be really long, even a few meters, so I’m sure that they will have decent outdoor lighting.

Floor lamps

Another way to decorate our patio is floor lamps. They create a magical and unique atmosphere like string lights, but they provide more light. They look spectacular, and they give enough light, so they are a very clever choice for people who are looking for practical lighting. The floor lamp is one of the best options for outdoor light.

There are two types of them:

Paper lanterns

They are great light sources. Many of them have different shapes and sizes. Paper lanterns come from Japan, and they symbolize joy and celebration. They are a sign of happiness. When we look at them, they will give us a lot of positive emotions. They will give your guests a welcoming glow, and they are also very energy-saving.

In-ground lights

These patio lights are a more expensive option to consider. This is for you if you want to make your outdoor lighting modern and progressive. Outdoor lighting ideas like this one are quite popular in new houses. They have architectural features like solar power.

Ambient light

Other patio lighting ideas are ambient and accent lighting. There is also task lighting. These types of lighting ideas may look the same, but there are some key differences between them.

Ambient lighting

Known as general lighting, it has its usage in numerous places in the house, mainly in the kitchen and living rooms. Ambient lighting should give a soft glow. For example, they can be used on the stairs to our patio. They will gently lighten the patio area and create a mysterious atmosphere in our garden.

Accent lighting

Made for specific and functional tasks. It is more direct than ambient lighting, and it depends on the task that you are doing.


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