Most Luxurious Bingo Halls in the World

Most Luxurious Bingo Halls in the World

As online bingo grows the world over, players everywhere are heading online for a taste of the fun. Whether speed bingo, regular bingo, or long-form versions of the game, online bingo is available in a range of styles.

With that said, the lustre of the bingo hall remains strong, and many players continue to swear by brick-and-mortar bingo. Some halls are better than others, whilst a select few can go into the luxury section.

In this article, we will examine the most luxurious bingo halls. From the UK to the USA, there are truly luxurious bingo halls worldwide. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the most luxurious bingo halls:

Foxwoods Casino

Foxwoods Casino is one of the world’s largest halls. Known for providing top fun, this venue is a casino as well as a bingo hall. Situated in Mashantucket, USA, Foxwoods has a 5,000 capacity and some of the best-paying bingo games around.

Beacon Bingo

Beacon Bingo has a capacity for 3000 players and is said to be one of the largest bingo halls in the world. This bingo hall is known for its contemporary looks, and somebody once won £100,000. The venue is renowned for not just offering a top-tier bingo experience but also including a wide range of refreshments and more. Prizes here are truly spectacular!

Red Rock Casino

Red Rock Casino is a great-looking venue that’s smaller than others on our list, with 600 capacity. With eight one-hour-long games, the Red Rock is still enormous and has bright displays and HD TVs. Packed with ambiance and great people, this is one of the most fun places to play!

National Bingo Stadium

Ireland’s national bingo stadium, the hall here boasts a capacity of 2000 people. Prizes average out at around £9000, which is not too shabby at all! This is known as a raucous place to play that is just as much about having fun as winning the game of bingo.

Buzz Bingo

One of the top bingo halls in the world, prizes as high as £2 million have been collected at Buzz in Manchester, UK. Great for meeting new people, this hall is focused on having a great time and is only open to those over 18. They serve great food and drinks, that include such treats as homemade cocktails and snacks.

Throw in the fact that Buzz Bingo is home to some excellent prizes, and it is easy to see why many consider this to be the premier bingo destination in the entire north of England!

Overall, the most luxurious bingo halls have a winning blend of beauty, atmosphere and top cash prizes!


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