The Home Of The Future Is Here Now Thanks To AI

The Home Of The Future Is Here Now Thanks To AI

Imagine having a butler that can take care of your daily needs at home. Your life would be infinitely easier and you would have far more time to concentrate on doing the things you love.

It sounds like something that you would need to be very rich or a member of royalty to have. Luckily, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is such that it is not only a possibility, but within reach of anybody.

The technology has come so far that it is affordable to do things that were in the realm of science fiction just a few years ago.

Take advantage and set up your smart home to make your life easier and better. In this article, I will go over several ways that you can incorporate AI tech into your daily life by making a smarter home.

1. Home security

Not long ago the best home security was an alarm system that would alert the police and you in case of a break in. In other words, it was very reactive. The only thing that could possibly prevent the break in was a sign that alerted a thief to the presence of an alarm.

These days you’ll want a smart home security system. In this scenario, you have a system that has a camera that is motion detecting so you can see if somebody comes to your front door. A notification will arrive on your device remotely so you can take a look at who it is at your front door.

If it’s the delivery driver, you can unlock your door remotely so they can put your package in your house for you to avoid the dreaded porch pirate.  Not only is your lock remotely activated, but it can also lock itself behind you when you leave as the system knows that you are no longer in the house.

2. Temperature controlled

Imagine if your house knew what temperature you prefer and always made sure it was at that specific temperature all the time. Then imagine if your home knows what rooms you frequent the most and what time you are usually in those rooms and then adjusts the temperature accordingly. Not only would this be really convenient and time saving, it also saves money as it makes your home much more energy efficient by only using energy when it is needed.

Smart thermostats can also turn themselves on based on the weather. If they see that a cold front is coming in, then it can turn on the heat so that your house is comfortable when you get home. Or, if you aren’t home that your pipes won’t freeze.

If it’s very sunny out, your blinds will close themselves to keep the house from getting too hot and using the air conditioner when it isn’t really necessary.

3. Your shopping done

You don’t need a personal assistant or a butler when you have a smart home set up. Your fridge can detect when you are running low on milk, yogurt or pickles and order them so you don’t have to.

It can even decide on a recipe for you based on what you have in the fridge so you don’t even have to plan out your meals. And the system knows what kind of cuisine you prefer so it will pick an appropriate recipe.

If you are running low on toilet paper, then your sensor in the closet will link up to Amazon and order them automatically. And you will be alerted that an order is in and when to expect it.


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