Meme Marketing Tricks for Experts to Go Viral Every Time

Meme Marketing Tricks for Experts to Go Viral Every Time

Memes are extremely enjoyable, but they also have superb marketing potential. By combining funny images with funnier text, memes can capture a kind of magic and then spread it all over the internet for everyone to enjoy. The major social networks are also geared towards the consumption and re-sharing of viral content, which means creating effective memes that are fun and also get your message across, which could be your best shot to boost visibility and engagement. Both the visual element as well as the humor tends to have a hugely positive effect on marketing efforts, so there is no doubt why memes work so well in this context. According to Search Engine Journal, nothing could be more embarrassing on the part of web marketers than using memes incorrectly. Let us explore tricks to do it correctly!

More than Just a Joke

Historically, humor has been utilized and weaponized to serve a greater purpose than plain entertainment. Used well, it can be great for persuasion, creating connections, and adding an element of relatability to your marketing copy. Whether you are coming up with a new meme idea or utilizing a pre-existing template to suit your purpose, you will likely not go wrong. If you do find the sweet spot and go viral, you gain an incredible competitive advantage and are going to be trending for quite some time. Here are some tips to keep your meme game on point.

Know Your Audience

Memes, like most humor, can be highly subjective. If you think you’re being funny but inadvertently come up with something that is out of touch or offensive to your audience, it could seriously impact your brand over time. Further, if you come up with something irrelevant or uninteresting, you waste your and your viewers’ time, following which the poor engagement will likely smother any future scope for the content to come up on feeds. You must do heavy research into your target audience and current followers, their interests, and sensibilities. Your memes should seek to unite, inform, and entertain rather than punch down or have fun at someone’s expense.

Do Your Research

Beyond audience research, you must also ensure that you have done due diligence regarding the meme that you are sharing. A lot of very popular memes have less than savory origins, which might not fit your brand. Further, you may be misconstruing the true meaning of a particular meme, so when it goes out, it could be extremely embarrassing if not outright harmful. Look up databases like ‘KnowYourMeme’ or Reddit to understand what the meme is and what contexts it is used in. It’s easier to preemptively ditch an idea than try to rein in the negative response after it has gone out.

Choose a Hot Meme

You should never ignore or undermine the Internet’s thirst for fresh memes. If you are using a picture that is gaining phenomenal popularity on social media, you should incorporate your unique brand message and twist the existing meme, you will soon see that your content is going viral online. It is important to identify trending memes, and according to experts, the ultimate destination for finding trending memes is none other than the platform called Reddit. That is simply because pictures originate here and gradually gain popularity among numerous savvy and smart Reddit users much before getting shares on the far larger social media platform.

Start the Good Work

You do not require any Photoshop skills to create memes when starting from a blank meme template. You may head to Meme Scout for trending memes. Initiate the process by incorporating your unique brand message and adding a twist to the existing meme to go viral.

Remember to Honor the Chosen Meme

Memejacking is a good way of generating content. You should necessarily understand the underlying meaning of the original meme and know all its core uses. It is a good idea to break the monotony by breaking the already-established pattern.


Keep sharing your memes on Pinterest, Facebook, and even your business blog. Enjoy and feel immense pride to see your content gaining traction and earning shares, comments, and Repins. Keep posting your memes on platforms wherever visual content will be gaining more and more visibility. Enjoy your connection and newfound rapport with all your followers. Always keep your calm.


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