Melbourne Property – 3 Reasons You Should Consider Working With A Buyer’s Advocate

Melbourne Property - 3 Reasons You Should Consider Working With A Buyer's Advocate

Buyer’s advocates are something a lot of people in Australia are still not used to, and it’s difficult to understand why. Some may think that their role is redundant if they’re already working with an agent, but not so fast. Real estate agents can be self-serving, and a buyer advocate’s sole purpose is to work for you, not their pockets. This alone should be enough to convince you of their importance, but you might need more arguments before you make a decision. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why working with a buyer’s advocate for a home purchase in Melbourne is such a great idea.

Helps You Make Sense of Listings

In a hot market like Melbourne, you need someone to help you sift through all of the listings. Especially if you’re buying during the high season. Maybe you want to target specific areas or look for listings based on budget? These are all things an advocate will be able to help you with.

Not only that, but not everyone has the time to go to tons of open house inspections on the weekend, and a lot of them might not be worth your time. A buyer’s advocate will help you know which listings you must see.

They Know Homes

As a homebuyer, you might think that you know when a house looks good, but a buyer’s advocate may see things you haven’t even thought about. For instance, you might assume that you’re looking at premium hardwood floors when really, it could be floating floors or even vinyl tiles. Or maybe they’re using veneer in certain places to drive down costs but you’re not aware of it.  

A buyer’s advocate knows houses in and out and has looked at thousands of listings. They can spot red flags the minute they get to a home. That’s why we would suggest that you speak with one today if you don’t have that sort of expertise. 

To make the best property purchases speak with Karin Mackay, Vendor Advocate in Melbourne and Director of the agency who has a professional and detailed knowledge of the Melbourne property market. This will make sure that you don’t get swindled. They can also help you reassess offers if they do find something, but you still want to buy the property.

Help with Financing and Paperwork

Not only do buyer’s advocates know homes, but they know the mortgage process as well. If your situation is complicated, they will look at all your options and help you get approved. They might also help you find out what would be realistic for you and reassess your budget.

So many things can go wrong with a house purchase. Your mortgage application could get rejected for some reason, but there could also be some issues with the title or documents you or the other party have to produce before the sale can go through. This is another thing a buyer’s advocate will be able to help you with and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

If you are still tinkering with the idea of hiring a buyer’s advocate, we suggest you consult one today. They’ll be able to explain their role and how they can help so you can make a wise choice.


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