Marketing Tips For Interior Designers On Instagram

Marketing Tips for Interior Designers on Instagram

Creating an Instagram business account and posting good quality visuals do not mean anything for home décor businesses unless it generates the desired engagement through crafty optimization of the account. Interior designers use Instagram as a double-edged sword for marketing as well as a source of inspiration. Many accounts that encourage user-generated content in their feed give maximum exposure to the newest things happening in the home décor arena.  Instagram widens the exposure for businesses and clients infinitely, making it the most attractive platform for conducting business by providing visual proof of success at every step. 

Posting high-quality images attract viewers, but it is vital to ensure that you can attract the right type of followers for meaningful business engagement. For example, you post content that garners many likes, and you feel happy that your efforts are giving results. Still, the contentment can be superficial and misleading because the actual results come from the engagement that generates leads and increases conversions.  It means that Instagram marketers have their task cut out to ensure that the likes are from people who have a high intent of buying your products or services. The quality of likes is critical to ensure the flow of quality traffic with higher conversion prospects, and this is only possible when the likes are from real people. The same is true when you buy Instagram likes that must have real people behind them.

Engage with real people and not bots

The lack of connection with real people and banking too much the statistics of likes, followers, views, comments, etc., is why many home décor businesses struggle to get the right business results from Instagram marketing. 

What you have been missing in your Instagram campaign can be more than made up by following the tips discussed in this article.  To begin with, create or target the right kind of audience that takes an active interest in your products or services instead of just taking a generalized approach of making your business public to anyone and everyone. It can be stated that females are mostly interested in interior designs and household things. So it can be fruitful to buy female followers for Instagram via sponsored demographically based advertising, related to interior decorations. You cannot leave anything to chance but work with some commitment by being aware of the right marketing approach to drive quality traffic to your Instagram account.

Right content creation

The better you know your audience easier it is to create the most appropriate content that serves their purpose and drives them closer to the brand and business.  Besides being attractive in its presentation, the content must be relevant and valuable to the audience, which often answers some queries that they have been waiting for.  Ensure that your feed includes interesting images about your business, products, and business-related items that are useful and inspirational for the audience. Make the most of the exposure you gain from Instagram to showcase your creativity and aesthetical senses by showcasing your achievements which convince the audience about your capabilities. Use the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in the field and a source of knowledge and information.

Follow the right people

To fulfill your intention of getting business from Instagram, you must choose the right people to follow on the platform that can serve the cause of your business in some ways, even if it might not always lead to conversions.  Follow the accounts of people in the interior design niche and specifically those with whom you feel like entering into some business relationship. Follow the accounts that your clients follow and follow other accounts that are informative and inspirational. Your efforts will create a network similar to a spider’s web that opens up countless possibilities of triggering business. 

Use the right hashtags

All Instagram users are aware of the importance of hashtags that boost visibility, yet they often fail to choose the right hashtags that have maximum impact on the campaign.   Your hashtag strategy must align with your business strategy and what you want to achieve at any point in time. Do not try to copy your competitors’ hashtags blindly because their effectiveness depends on various factors like your location, design niche, number of followers, and many more. 

Welcome new followers

Take the lead in building relationships with your new followers by sending them a DM that adds a personal touch to the conversation. First, tell about your business and know about them and their home needs. Then, keep in close contact with regular interactions to nurture the relationship and take it to the next level to move from followers to customers.

Engage with the proper accounts

Just as you would follow like-minded people who share similar interests in your products and business, engage with the proper accounts by offering likes and comments against their content, which can reciprocate and help your content garner likes and comments.

The more you like and comment on other accounts, the more enriched your account and get wider exposure.


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