Luxury Real Estate – How to Add Some Personality to Your Home

Luxury Real Estate - How to Add Some Personality to Your Home

Your home can reveal more about your personality than you may realize. According to reporting by Reader’s Digest, something as simple as a red front door means you’re not afraid to say what you think while a blue door says you’re naturally at ease. Even making your bed every morning can signal you enjoy your job and exercise regularly because you aim for order and organization.

Although your front door and a neatly made bed can speak volumes about your personality without even realizing it, you can add intentional design flavour to your home. From your backyard to interior accents, here’s how to infuse more personality into your home. 

Showcase your adventures

One of the simplest ways to show more personality in your home is to showcase your adventures or hobbies. Whether you’re framing photos of your last trip abroad or want to display sea glass and seashells in a crystal bud vase, adding more keepsakes can show more about your personality and priorities. Scatter your collections and photos throughout your home, or create a sacred space in a foyer or den that shows off everything in one place, suggests HGTV.

Reimagine your backyard

Remember to give your backyard some love when it comes to adding more personality to your home. Comfortable patio furniture and an outdoor entertainment area where you can relax and listen to music or watch a movie is an excellent place to start. But you can also enhance the finer details of your backyard by including a pergola; add flourishing vines and flowers or plant a garden underneath with fresh fruits and veggies. But if you don’t have a green thumb to show off, wrap your backyard structure with a strand of lights to create a cozy atmosphere under the stars. 

Get creative

You don’t need a discerning eye for style to add more artwork and creativity to your home. Hang your favourite paintings or small sculptures from local or renowned artists alike. And if you have kids, you can mount a few bulletin boards on a wall to create an ever-changing gallery of their school artwork and photographs. For something beyond artwork, paint an accent in your home a vibrant red or cobalt blue to add a pop of color. Window treatments and curtains are also a good place to try out bold prints or colors while framing your favourite view.

Focus on the accents

The little details can add just as much personality in your home as the big ones. Step back and give your home a style audit. If you’re attracted to antiques, swap out doorknobs for ones with old-world charm. A stylish ottoman with a bold print or ornate legs can give your living room a personality infusion, while a sleek chandelier can transform any room. Meanwhile, use unique and funky bookends on a bookcase with all of your favourite classics.

Dress up your floors

Refinishing old floors can take a lot of work, but simply painting them a chic shabby white or matte black can transform the look of your home. If your floors are fine but just uninspired, consider colourful throw rugs or faux fur varieties to bring unique personality to each room in the house. And don’t forget the bathroom, where a pop of color on your bathmat can turn an otherwise ordinary room into something spectacular.

All in all, adding more personality to your home is all about getting creative and considering the things that are important to you. From showing off your travels to entertaining underneath a new pergola in your reimagined backyard, choose the areas of your home you use most and let your personality run wild.


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