Living in Modern Luxury – Setting Up Your High-Tech Home Game Room

Living in Modern Luxury - Setting Up Your High-Tech Home Game Room

Since the “Brown Box”, otherwise known as the Magnavox Odyssey, earned the distinction of being the first home video game console upon its release in 1972, video gaming technology has grown leaps and bounds. Even now, imagine kids who never had the pleasure of playing an Atari 2600, thinking the graphics on the PlayStation 2 or Xbox are primitive compared to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Oh, if only they knew what their gaming ancestors of the 1970s and 80s had to play, like these handheld games, for example. Then again, with sites like The Old School Game Vault, anyone can play games of the past regardless of how old.

Of course, gamers of old are just as excited to play today’s games. Moreover, now that some of us have grown up—as in older, maturity is another thing altogether—we can finally afford to do what we always dreamed about. We can install a gamer’s haven within our own home. So, I have been thinking about how we go about building our perfect game setup. Here is what I have come up with.


In an ideal setup, you need to ensure that you have enough space to sit and move comfortably depending on the games you choose to play. You also need to ensure that you do not encroach on other areas of the house, via physical space or distracting noises. Chances are, your ideal location is in the basement.


If you want a perfect gaming lair, you need to the best tv that you can afford. Gaming consoles have extraordinary lifelike graphics, and they will only get better. Consider using most of your gamer den budget on getting the best tv you can. What good are outstanding graphics generation 8 consoles (Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) if you are watching them on an inferior 18-inch tv.


The item that is next priority after your television is speakers. Hardcore gamers get lost in games because of the realistic sounds; the sounds of fans or the crack of the bat while playing baseball. In some cases, sounds are vital to the play of the game, like when you hear the footfalls of an approaching enemy soldier in a multiplayer match. Some gamers feel that large home theater audio systems work best while others swear by sound bars, that are cheaper, need fewer cables, and even come with Bluetooth capability. As what MusicCritic review site have mentioned, gaming speakers with compact designs are ideal as it keeps the desk less cluttered. Providing enough space for mouse and keyboard, meeting maximum style and comfort should also be an utmost concern.


Wireless controllers are the norm, and they are awesome because there is no wire for your pet to chew through or your significant other to trip over. However, they do need to be charged on regularly. You could waste your cash on batteries, or you could purchase charging docks that will save you money. They are also convenient for keeping your controllers organized when not in use.

When you are dealing with electronics, you need to protection them from potential power surges that can kill your system. You need to invest in a power bar with surge protection, so your gaming rig, tv, sound system, and other accessories are always protected.

What’s more, if you’re a gamer who enjoys playing online games for hours on end, be sure to add a good gaming laptop for your room to complete it

Internet Connection

There is nothing worse in gaming than dreaded lag, especially when you get the drop on someone. Lag is embarrassing and to be quite honest, if you lag, nobody wants to play with you. There are countless options when it comes to internet providers but you need to find a good one! Instead of settling for a massive corporation like Time Warner or Charter who are known for their dominance of the market but also their terrible customer service look to a more local firm, for example Portland FiOS service is a local provider in the Northwest who will keep you gaming at all times of the day.

Even with a solid connection, you should look into purchasing a router specific to gaming. Such a router ensures your connection never drops off because they allow you control where the bulk of your bandwidth goes.


Now you have your equipment; you need something to display it on and you need something on which to sit. You need an entertainment unit that will fit your TV, gaming rig and accessories, sound system, and enough space to display your treasure trove of games. For today’s consoles, you need to make sure you leave room for them to breathe so they do not overheat.

Secondly, you need a coffee table, preferably one with drawers. You need something to set your snacks and drinks down when you are playing or using your console to watch a movie. Drawers are convenient to store peripherals that you are not using at the time and gaming magazines—even remotes.

Most importantly, you need a chair and a good one at that. Not just any chair will do, you need a chair that can handle gaming marathons and keep you comfortable at the same time.

Once you have settled on your furniture, you need to give your dedicated gaming area a look that says only hardcore gamers can enter here. Zelda and Final Fantasy posters are a good start. Even if your gaming skills are weak, gaming will always be more enjoyable in your gamer haven.



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