Lifestyle Hacks – Tips for Creating a Calming and Comfortable Bedroom Environment

Lifestyle Hacks - Tips for Creating a Calming and Comfortable Bedroom Environment

Are you tired of waking up from a restless night’s sleep only to go to work, dreaming of being back home? Do you return home and get aggravated because you just can’t seem to get comfortable in your own surroundings? This is a relatable problem. Even if you think you love your bedroom, there are a few ways to make it even more comfortable and enjoyable.

Here are some helpful tips to create a calm, comfortable environment in your bedroom that you never want to leave.

The Laundry

We get it, you work hard and often wait until the last minute to do your laundry. Once your clothes and towels are dry, you may just leave them in a heap on your bed. Instead of continuing this vicious cycle, do smaller loads throughout the week. Keeping your laundry cycles small means that you won’t feel overwhelmed when it is time to fold, hang, or otherwise put the clothes away. Aside from easing your laundry schedule, this also helps keep your bedroom looking tidy. When you’re ready for bed, you can easily get in without having to move your clothes to another location; you also won’t have the subconscious stress of extra clutter.

Speaking of Clutter…

While we are on the topic of clutter versus organization, take time to clean your bedroom. Many people tend to avoid dusting because it becomes a pain in the rear to move around knickknacks and other keepsakes. In order to keep your room feeling clean, it must be easy to care for. This means eliminating unnecessary items from your dresser, nightstand, desk, or chest of drawers. Additionally, you may consider finding set places for items frequently used so that they are easy to find yet out of the way. Making your bed is another way to make your room appear far neater than it actually is. Take a few moments each morning to straighten your pillows, sheets, and duvet. This can set the tone for your whole day, giving you a sense of accomplishment (no matter how small.) It also makes your bed much more desirable at the end of the day!

Mood Lighting

With so many lighting options available, you must research which ones you need in your bedroom – or at least get a broad idea. Overhead lights are great for rushing around in the morning before work but not so much before bed. Reading lamps are great for completing tasks, but don’t offer much versatility. Ideally, you will have a mix of lighting features. A dimmable lamp will work well to help your eyes adjust to the darkness and signal to your brain that it is time to sleep. Natural lighting is great to wake up with, but you may be awake before the sun–look for bulbs with the label ‘daylight’ to help you with those early mornings. A source of light that most people forget about is their phones, laptops, and televisions. These devices emit blue light which can make it difficult to sleep and even lead to other health complications. While having a television may be mandatory in your room, try to limit your use before bed. Choosing to avoid screen time in your bedroom will allow your brain to associate your bedroom with rest and relaxation–which is exactly what you want!

What is One-Third of Your Life Worth?

If you sleep an average of 8 hours per day, it is fair to say that you spend an average of one-third of your adult life in bed. Regardless of the actual amount of time spent sleeping, the fact is that your mattress will be where you spend your nights. Although it is possible to decorate a room on a budget, the one item you shouldn’t skimp on is your mattress and bedding. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars either – use the internet to your advantage to find the best mattress for your money and wait until your favorite linens go on sale. When looking for your linens, consider whether you get hot at night or freeze. Ideally, you will find sheets that regulate temperature, although some materials do so better than others. Finally, invest in your pillows and replace them as needed. As mentioned, you spend a lot of time in bed which means it is a key component to creating the ultimate bedroom!

Pulling it Together

If you’ve learned anything, you will realize that keeping your bedroom clean and minimally decorated correlates to how much enjoyment is gleaned. Additionally, your bedding should be comfortable and well-maintained to ensure a great night’s sleep. For the final touches, you may consider a change in your bedroom’s color scheme be it in the form of paint, curtains, or other accents. Try to keep the colors neutral and calming by following color psychology.


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