Interior Design Process – From Initial Brief to Client Consideration to Finished Project

Interior Design Process - From Initial Brief to Client Consideration to Finished Project

The process of interior design is not always a simple one. Each unique interior design project begins with an initial brief, accompanied by a variety of important aspects, which include client considerations, interior design foundations and project goals, to name a few. Not as simple as purely having an eye for design, although that plays a big part, the interior design process includes planning, analytical thinking and project management.

Without this systematic approach used by interior designers across the globe, there would be a lot of unhappy clients and a lot of badly designed interiors.

To help explain the inโ€™s and outโ€™s of a single interior design project, The LuxPad has created a convenient outline of some of the fundamental interior design elements, displaying this information in the following periodic table infographic.

The Periodic Table of Interior Design Elements - Infographic

Alongside the infographic, they have also gained some expert advice from some experienced interior designersย here, which details exactly why these aspects are vital for ensuring a smooth design process and, ultimately, a happy client.

Whether you would like to become an interior designer and want to understand the detail each project requires, or if you are looking to update your home interior and want to find out what the design process entails, youโ€™ll discover the process and further insight into the world of interior design with the Periodic Table of Interior Design Elements.ย 

This detailed approach to interior design ensures an outcome that is more thought out with a process that outlines specific attributes applicable to each unique interior design project.ย ย 


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