Interior Design and Decor – Tips To Give An Antique Look To Your Modern Home

Interior Design and Decor - Tips To Give An Antique Look To Your Modern Home

No matter how much contemporary architecture evolves with new modern styled homes being created, nearly everyone appreciates the beauty and elegance of antiques and old architectural design. But taking it to the extreme of creating an antique home from scratch is not only very difficult but it’s also not very practical in today’s times. So one way in which you can give the charm of an old home to your new modern home is by adding design and décor features that give that antique look and feel. This will keep the modern elements of your home but add the old soul and character you want to enjoy as well.

The following tips will help to give an antique look to your modern home:

Do Your Research

The first step you need to take is to research to find out which period and age of architecture interests you the most. When going through different styles, you will be able to identify which style attracts you the most. Designing your house is no easy task, researching beforehand will help you organize what materials to buy and where to look. Others would go as far as taking up an interior design course to use this new knowledge at home or on their new career path. Once you are done with planning then you can move on to selection.

Put Up Real Paintings

Printed painting are commonplace now. Although they might have great quality and you have the freedom to choose whichever design you want, they do not, however, possess the originality of brush stroke textures. Every artist puts their personality and excellence of their work into the painting through the brush strokes. The original paintings will add character to the house, and also give the walls an antique look. You can always use stock photography images for creating printed paintings which will fit the most to your interior.

Use Worn Rugs

When you want to add an antique and old look to your house, adding rugs is essential. The piece you choose should be big enough to fit under the furniture you have. You should look for rugs which show some actual wear to give an antique feel. To get the best deal and the most unique pieces, you can always check out antique rug auction to find one-of-a-kind rug.

Avoid Plastic And Use Vintage Materials

Back in the day, the homes did not have carpets, 3D printed wallpapers or cultured marble. The materials used in the older times included wood flooring and furniture, soapstone countertops, and subway tiles. Different time periods used different materials. Find out which materials were used in the time period which interests you and then use them. Using materials such as wood over plastic will give your home a more vintage feel.

Add Vintage Furniture

Modern-day furniture is quite different from older furniture. With a lot of attention being given to space-saving furniture, many furniture items now have multiple uses such as a table, chair, and drawer. The colors and materials used now also vary from before. In order to make your house look antique, you should buy antique furniture. You can even buy new furniture which is made to resemble older styles. Another great option is to use wood to build your own preferred furniture.

Incorporate Moldings

Modern architecture does not pay attention to detail in a manner older architecture used to. In many ways, this is due to the simplicity that has seeped into modern architecture, but another reason is maximizing profits. Whatever the reason, the new homes seem to be missing the crown moldings, well-carved baseboard, and arched doorways. If you want to give an antique feeling to your home, then you can add these features into the home. Try to add detailed designs and to incorporate crown moldings, real wood panels, or even wooden furniture with carved detailing.

Have Solid Wood Doors

As mentioned earlier, cost-saving motives and newer designs have led to cheaper hollow doors being installed in modern homes. This was not the case before in time as homes used to have solid wood doors. Not only were the doors heavier, but they also looked good. You can opt to add heavier solid wood doors, which can even be carved with designs, which in end up making your house feel more antique.

Use Limewash Paint

The mineral-based pigment has been used for centuries now to paint walls and add character and texture to them. Limewash paint adds textures to the wall in a manner that does not look forced as many newer paint options seem like. Instead of painting your walls to look smooth, dry, and lifeless, try to go for lime was paint which will add more soul to your walls and your house.

Use Hardware Fitting And Old Appliances

You will also need to cut away the modern and state of the art fittings and appliances to take your house back in time. A better approach to take then would be to get cabinets with classic knobs and handles to resemble older fittings. This was you can continue to enjoy the latest equipment, but you will create the ambiance of an older style.

Include Indoor Plantation

Trees and plants have been around for really long. Consistency through time also means that they have used in designing of houses and for practical purposes since olden times. Look for which types of plants, and even trees used to be commonly planted in the era you are most interested in. Then you can add the plantation inside your house to create a natural feeling. The idea to make your house antique has a lot to do with how it feels, and not just how it looks. Having plants, or even a tree, in your house shoes that they had been present for some time, creating that older feeling.

Use Bricks And Stones

Whether it’s a small portion or a bigger one, adding bricks to the house will give it a classic and rustic feel. Stonework has been used for centuries and immediately gives a feeling of strength and age. A stone driveway or step entrance can immediately put in the impression of antiquity in a person as they visit the house. You can have a brick or stone wall either on the inside or outside portion. A classic brick fireplace in your living room will also bring warmth into the home, even literally.


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