Interior Design and Décor – 10 Stylish Rug Ideas That Will Transform A Room

Interior Design and Décor - 10 Stylish Rug Ideas That Will Transform A Room

Decorating your home can feel like being on the world’s best scavenger hunt looking for the perfect pieces to finish each room with loving care. It can also feel a little torturous trying to find just the right pieces.

Sofas, chairs, and paint colors get you started. Then you need to add on the layers with tables, window treatments, and rugs. But it can be so hard to find the just-right one with so many to choose from.

Are you looking for rug ideas for your home that will hit the mark and give your rooms a finished look? Adding a rug to a room is like adding the perfect accessory to an outfit, it finishes it, makes it look put together.

Read on to learn about some rug ideas that might be just right for your space.

1. Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fiber rugs are a popular choice for high-traffic areas. They work well as family room rugs where there are bound to be kids and pets playing or hanging out.

Natural fiber rugs like jute or sisal are monochromatic in color, yet come in a variety of textures. This still allows the rug to add a pattern to the room.

2. Vintage Rug

There is nothing more spectacular than adding a vintage rug to your space that has stood the test of time. Vintage sellers like Blue Parakeet Rugs offer a selection of vintage rugs from around the world.

Looking at them will make you wonder if only this rug could talk. Imagine the history of adding a vintage piece to your home. If it’s not perfect, contact an area rug repair to fix up its rough edges and let it live on in your space.

3. Indoor Outdoor Rugs

First, get the image of the old indoor-outdoor fake grass carpet of yesteryear. Indoor-outdoor rugs are now made to be both stylish and durable against the elements.

Whether you want to add one inside to high traffic, high dirt area or outside on your deck or patio, you’ll find the new models of these high-performance rugs to align well with your decor.

4. Washable

Yes, that’s right a washable rug that is also stylish. New companies like Ruggable are offering rugs that not only go well with your design elements but they can also be thrown in the washer too.

So, maybe you have young kids and have previously thought my kids will just make a mess of a nice rug. Worry no more, with options like Ruggable that can be thrown right into the washer, you can add a stylish rug to your room and not have to worry anymore.

5. Go for the Bold Stripe

If you have a neutral feeling room or even a room with lots of colors that you want to make a statement in, consider stripes. There are many rug options on the market in wide bold stripes in almost any color you might dream up. A bold stripe also gives a space a cottage feel if the right colors are chosen like the perfect navy and white stripe.

6. Tone on Tone

Looking to keep the room more neutral, try a tone-on-tone textured rug. You will often find these done in shades of cream, beige, off-white, or even taupe. Then the rug will have different pile heights or patterns in the carpet. So, while you have a one-color, you still get patterns from how the rug is made.

7. Bold Color

If you love bold color, and really who doesn’t, consider adding it to your floor. Remember, your rugs are like an accessory, so adding some big pops of color to your floors might be the perfect finish.

Look for complementary colors from the color wheel in your rug to go with your decor. You might also decide to do something with big contrast to make a statement in your room.

8. Custom Rugs

Maybe you don’t want a rug that is full of color and pattern. Or maybe you’re having a hard time finding the right size if you have a uniquely shaped room.

Consider having a custom rug made. Don’t let the word custom scare you into running to protect your bank account either. Many popular brands like Pottery Barn offer a custom rug selection. It’s like picking out carpet, except it’s a rug. You choose the weave, pattern, and size, then they edge it like a rug.

If you need a very large rug, some even opt for selecting a piece of carpet and have the carpet custom edge it.

9. Animal

Another statement-making rug can come in the form of copycat animal skin. Whether that is a large zebra or leopard print or cowhide, an animal print is an eclectic choice for a rug.

Some even opt for the sheepskin rug for an extra cozy feel or one with lots of fluffy texture.

10. Geometric Pattern

Going for a modern hip vibe? Consider looking for a rug that is made of geometric shapes. Often the shapes can come in a variety of colors and bold shapes.

Don’t worry about every color in the rug being a part of your room. As long as one of the colors coordinates with the room, it works. The other colors add layers to your decor aesthetic.

Rug Ideas for Your Home

Are you ready to add the perfect layered accessory to the rooms in your home? Choose from one of these great ideas for area rugs to add personality, charm, and a finished ambiance to your space.


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