Subtle Signs Your Water Heater Is Not Working Well

Subtle Signs Your Water Heater Is Not Working Well

Hot water is the basic comfort every homeowner wants, but it is easy to take for granted. However, you may get into a big problem if you suddenly don’t have it. A problem with your heater can be frustrating because it can bring life to a standstill until you resolve the issue. Luckily, the device seldom stops working without a warning. You only need to watch out for red flags and get timely help to prevent an unexpected break in your supply. You may even prolong the appliance’s lifespan and prevent expensive repairs or replacements. Here are a few subtle signs indicating your water heater is not working well.

Sign #1: Water leakage from the heating tank

A leaking tank is a surefire sign of an impending failure. You will likely see water dripping from the tank and pooling under the heater. Alternatively, the pipes may drip slowly. The reasons for the leak could vary from loose connections to the valves not being properly closed. You must call an expert to check the components and tighten or replace them. They may recommend replacement if the tank continues to leak despite the repair job.

Sign #2: Hot water runs out quickly

Experts suggest keeping an eye on the volume of hot water your heater provides because a decrease indicates a problem. It happens when your domestic supplies have lots of sediment, which settles in the tank over time and clogs it if you do not flush the heater regularly. The worst part is that the residues may corrode the valves eventually. You will have to replace the unit at this stage.

Sign #3: Inconsistent temperatures

Another telltale sign to watch out for is the inconsistent temperature in the shower. The problem may be minor, such as an issue with the thermostat. Conversely, you may encounter a more daunting issue, such as broken heating elements. Either way, you must call experts for water heater repair services to detect and fix the issue. Consider a replacement if the unit is several years old because it may be a cost-effective option in the long run.

Sign #4: Unusual sounds

Unusual sounds from your water heater can be disconcerting because they indicate that its element is breaking. The reasons may vary from sediment clogging the system to changing the pressure of your domestic supplies, poor water flow, and loose valves and connections. Only a seasoned professional can detect the exact cause and provide the appropriate solution to deal with it.

Sign #5: Discoloration or odor

Another sign you must not overlook is the discoloration of water. Rusty and muddy hues are indications of rust or bacteria inside the heating tank. It may happen when the anode rod is damaged. You should also be worried if the hot water from the appliance smells like rotten eggs. It may be the result of the presence of sulfate bacteria. You can call a professional to flush the heater and get it back to work. The solution is simple and ensures clean and fresh supplies without a lot of effort or expense.

Your water heater can be your lifeline in cold weather, so you must pay extra attention to its condition. Watch out for these warning signs and get help to resolve the concern sooner than later.


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