Ideas For Adding A Games Room To Your House

Ideas For Adding A Games Room To Your House

We all love playing games, but would you rather find a more convenient way of doing it while boosting the value of your property at the same time? Adding a games room to your house can be a smart move, so what are the main factors to consider?

Consider the Games You Want to Play

The first point to consider is what you want to play there. Do you need to add physical games, such as a pool table or arcade-style cabinets? This means you will need more space and to invest more in the games. Do you have enough space for the games you want to add, and will you need to soundproof the games room, so the noises don’t annoy other people in your house?

On the other hand, if you’re only going to play online, this makes life a lot easier. In this case, you just need to make sure that you have a good internet connection there and somewhere comfortable to sit as you play. It’s then a question of going online to find the games, which is going to give you a huge amount of flexibility.

Understanding how you’re going to play also lets you see how many people are probably going to use the room. If you’re going to play online, then you have the option of playing alone or inviting over one or more people. Other games may require more players, so you need to take this into account at the start of the planning process.

Get the Lightning Right

No matter what games you plan to play, the lighting in your games room is vitally important. This is what allows you to follow the action easily without straining your eyes and will make it a warm, welcoming environment. This Voltcave list of lights lets you see some of the options for getting it right.

Ambient lighting is what creates the mood, so getting the color and intensity right is vital. The best move is low-level, consistent lighting that you can control. This means using lights that can be dimmed. You might also want to use spotlights so that you can choose where to focus at any time.

Trim lighting is useful if you’re playing with a computer, as this lets you add adjustable lighting to your desk or walls without having to make big alterations to the room’s electrical setup. LED strip lighting is generally affordable and flexible, giving you an easy way to change the color and intensity at any time. If you’re worried about power consumption in your games room, this could be a good moment to consider installing solar panels to your home.

Furniture and Decoration Tips

By this stage, you should be clear about how you’re going to be playing, which makes it a lot easier to work out the furniture that you need. If you’re going to be online gaming, a comfortable gaming chair and a suitable desk are essential items. For physical games like pool, air hockey, or pinball, you need the game equipment and somewhere to relax when not playing.

As for the decoration, some people like to make it themed. This could mean looking for posters and other decorations related to your favorite games. A lot of people like making this a hi-tech contemporary room, but what if you’ve got one eye on selling the property in the future? In that case, try to create something that could be converted easily into a bedroom or some other type of space rather than a room that might put off potential purchasers.

Lots of shelving is usually a clever idea. While many of us now play online games with no need to buy physical copies of new titles, this is still a wonderful way to create extra room to put the things you might need while you’re here, such as accessories like headphones and microphones. These decorating tips from Foyr show some examples of how to get it right.

Even if you’re thinking of playing here alone, adding extra seating for guests is always a good idea. Once people find out that you’ve got a great gaming room, you might discover that you’re asked to invite friends and family over to give it a try. Some gamers add a home bar or fridge, but this kind of detail can be added later if you start getting a lot of visitors.

Creating a gaming room like this doesn’t need to be hugely expensive. In most cases, you can adapt a room without any major structural work. Plan it well, and you’ll get a space that adds to your gaming enjoyment and might also add some value to the property when you sell it.


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