How To Turn Your Home Into A Source Of Well-Being

How To Turn Your Home Into A Source Of Well-Being

The style of our interior design should not only reflect our personality, and our aesthetic tastes, but should also be able to stimulate our natural well-being, awakening our senses and sharpening our perceptions. Modern buildings, and in particular residential buildings, can also catch the eye of the observer from the outside, from the garden or the appurtenant areas surrounding the main house, which can be designed according to precise aesthetic criteria that will leave a pleasant impression on each visitor. The exteriors can be enlivened by a particularly refined selection of furnishings, such as those usually proposed by the brand Eminza, but also by the conformation of the garden, which must be able to arouse pleasant associations of relaxation and serenity in anyone who lays eyes on it. Certain design solutions, from this point of view, must possess the ability to harmonise effectively with nature, with the natural forms of trees, grass, and gardens – and also of any ponds -, creating a sort of aesthetic continuity that begins with nature and ends in the exterior of the design. The aim is simple: to give life to a harmonious whole that is pleasing to the observer, to the people who live there every day, eliminating any obstacle to the realisation of a harmonious scenario rich in complementary elements, capable of merging with each other and creating an impression of fluidity, as if nature and man’s creations represented an inseparable whole. 

The effects of interior design 

These effects, of course, must also be carried into the interior of the house, into every single room, especially into those rooms where one usually spends most of the day and night. A particularly stimulating design style, from this point of view, can have a direct effect on the mood and physiological well-being of each person, by embellishing their field of vision with fine, essential elements characterised by a certain elegance. The particular lines of certain shapes, the essentiality of a curve, or even simply the elegance of detail, perhaps discovered out of the blue and hitherto unnoticed, can arouse extremely pleasant associations in people’s souls, real discharges of well-being that resemble pleasure in every way, and that will remain with them for a long time, significantly enhancing all those moments spent in that particular room. 

The beauty of elegance 

It is a kind of pleasure that comes from elegance, from the contemplation of beauty. It is beauty that produces this kind of sensation, and it is precisely for this reason that various pieces of designer furniture are sold at a much higher price than traditional furnishings. One does not simply buy a piece of furniture, but also the concept and idea that led to its creation, and which produce tangible effects on its regular consumers. Sometimes, such pleasurable effects are only picked up at a very deep level, as if they were able to penetrate the most superficial layer of our consciousness and settle at the bottom, in the dark abyss of the subconscious, ready to awaken suddenly and quite unexpectedly. Sometimes, in fact, the most admirable effects of design only manifest themselves later, perhaps when a certain piece of furniture has been moved, or even removed. For some reason, the absence of that particular piece of furniture produces an unpleasant feeling in us, as if our environment were missing something essential. A designer lamp such as those made by the Italian brand Stilnovo, for example, brings with it all the charm of external forms, but also a company history rich in prestigious collaborations with some of the most brilliant designers and architects on the contemporary scene. The power of a suggestion, from this point of view, is capable of activating pleasant and surprising emotions that are always intense. 

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Our perception of reality can change in a matter of moments, even thanks to a simple suggestion or a hidden detail, which awakens in us that love of pleasure and well-being that we had (only temporarily) forgotten.