What Is The Purpose Of The Generator Pull Cord?

What Is The Purpose Of The Generator Pull Cord?

Electricity is clean energy that has helped humanity grow at an amazing speed compared to the past times. It has grown to an inevitable part even of our daily lives. But what happens if it is suddenly cut off, we have found a way to overcome power cuts; a generator. Then what is the purpose of the generator pull cord?

Necessity of Generators

It is unimaginable for us even to spend a day without electricity. A sudden disruption in electricity, either because of a power cut or some other kind of reason, can disrupt our flow of life as a result, whether it be a house, a convenience store, an educational institution, a hospital, or even an outdoor party electric generators are a must in all kinds of communities or gatherings. A generator keeps the flow of our lives; that’s how important they are in our lives currently. In your house, you should keep a generator.

Solar panels may arise as a problem, but it is common knowledge how hazardous they are compared to the generators; plus, you do not have to worry about the weather; a generator is more reliable.

Process of How Electricity is Created in a Generator

For beginners, mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy in a generator. They work on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which is the phenomenon of the creation of induced current inside a closed circuit by changing the magnetic field. The generator contains a conductor coil that is rotated rapidly between two magnets, creating the induced current.

Petrol, diesel, and kerosene are the fuels that are mainly used in the generator. 

Different Types of Generator

Standby generators, portable generators, inverter generators, and different types of generators according to the fuel they consume are the different category generators.

Standby Generators

They are the backup generators. They are also automatically operated, and they can run as an electric source for your phone, household equipment, machines, computers, etc.

Portable generator

They are the most suitable external generator, such as a job site. They are meant for small and short time usage.

Inverter Generators

They are the quiet ones among the generators meaning the less noisy ones are also lightweight, making them ideal for traveling. They produce AC like all other generators but convert it into DC, making it preferable.

Types of Generators According to the Fuel

Some work in petrol (strictly outdoor), diesel (most efficient), propane (not for indoor), bi-fuel (can use both petrol and diesel), solar energy (comparatively lower power output), battery (often combined with solar generator) and natural gases (most cost-efficient. Strictly for outdoors).

The Function of Generator Pull Cord

We all know why we use the generator pull cord; we pull the generator pull cord to turn the machine on. In all honesty, a generator is not the only machine that uses a starter rope to turn on the ignition of a machine. Small machines such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, and minibikes all use the same ‘starter rope or the recoil cordโ€™ to turn on the machine’s ignition. And a fact about this generator pull cord is that sometime the generator pull cord wonโ€™t retract.

When we pull the generator pull cord, it unwinds around the crankshaft and spins, which results in its spinning, which results in the pumping of air to the flywheel, which starts the engine’s ignition.

  1. To start a generator, you need to;
  2. Turn on the fuel valve
  3. Turn on the choke
  4. Turn the engine switch on
  5. Pull the recoil cord with all your might
  6. Turn the choke off so that the engine can run

The Recoil Cord

Usually, the recoil cord is made out of nylon fiber. But many have learned from their experience that they are not the ‘perfect’ material for the pull cord for obvious reasons such as; the engine not starting, difficulty in pulling and the pull cord breaking while pulling, and many more. But at this time, when science is more advanced, they have already found replacements for the nylon fiber with LCAP and other materials, and it is available for use with just a click. 

When you buy a new recoil cord, you need to buy the original pull cord’s size. Otherwise, it will not work for the generator, and then you need to cut it into its original size and replace the old pull cord with it.

Things That You Need to Ensure When You Buy a New Generator

There are different types of generators in the market, and when you buy them, you need the one which suits your requirement. Some are for large-scale purposes, while some are for small scale. There are ones for the outdoors and the ones for domestic usage. Some are more cost-efficient than others, and some are more fuel-efficient. There are the ones that you can take for a trip. So when you buy one, buy the one that suits your need.

Wrapping Up

Every home/institution should have a generator. It helps us keep our life flowing because imagine you are preparing for your exam at home. Still, suddenly the power goes off, or can you imagine a hospital without electricity? That is why the generators were invented. There are many types of generators, such as standby generators, portable generators, inverter generators, and different types of generators according to their fuel consumption. You also need to store a backup pull cord in your home if the original one decides to leave us.


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