How to Prepare Your House for Hurricanes – A Fast Guide

How to Prepare Your House for Hurricanes

It’s time to watch out for hurricane season. Hurricanes can lead to flash floods, sudden electrical outages, and community isolation.

That said, you can survive a sudden emergency if you know how to prepare your house for hurricanes. Don’t panic if you don’t know what to do. We’ve compiled several important things to do to stay prepared.

Read our guide below to learn more:

1. Stay Informed

Read up on hurricane risks along with other storms that may occur soon. You and your family need to know any hurricane plan for evacuating and preparing.

Everyone in your household has to learn where the evacuation zone may be. You should also be knowledgeable about warnings and alerts.

2. Check Your Insurance Policies

Make sure your insurance policy can cover the full cost of rebuilding if you lost your home in the storm. If you live near the ocean, you need to get flood insurance because you need it if floods occur after the hurricane. You should also check your documents and make digital copies of them in a secured space.

3. Write Down All Your Possessions

Have a list of all your items every year to know exactly what you may need to replace and how much it’s worth. It can help when you make decisions on insurance coverage or signing up a claim. If you can, take photos too and store them on the cloud.

4. Have Your Supplies Ready

Since you don’t know how long the hurricane will be present, prepare at least 3 days of storage. Have a supply of water, canned goods, medicine, and other supplies. Prioritize water and a first aid kit.

Countdown When Preparing Home for Hurricanes

Is a hurricane coming? Let’s break down the final preparations according to the time you have left. It all starts with a 72-hour point, which is about the time you’ll first get any warning of an impending hurricane.

72 Hours Before the Hurricane

You should cut any loose or weak branches from trees and plants to prevent damaging your property. Secure and clean your gutters to prevent water from accumulating in clogged areas. Look for any cracks and holes around your house and seal them with tape or wood.

Check your roof for any loose or worn-out shingles and replace them to prevent them from blowing away. Make sure your car is at its best condition in case you need to evacuate.

48 Hours Before the Hurricane

Start moving your outdoor furniture, trash bins, and loose debris to store indoors. If you don’t have any storm shutters, use wooden boards any glass such as windows or sliding doors. Put 6-inch surface bolts to reinforce your doors.

24 Hours Before the Hurricane

Fill your water supply with water for cleaning, washing, and flushing your toilets. To make sure the food lasts longer when the lights go out, set your ref and freezer to the coldest setting. Alternatively, has great tips and options for buying the best survival food kits.

Less Than 24 Hours Before the Hurricane

Once you know that the storm is coming within a few hours, start charging your gadgets. Keep a portable backup charger in case you lose power for a long time. Prepare a radio to listen to your local news about the hurricane.

Close all your storm shutters and try to stay away from your windows as much as possible. Bring out your generator, if you have one.

Now You Know How to Prepare Your House for Hurricanes

Knowing how to prepare your house for hurricanes can help you survive the worst situations. It also saves you the stress and financial burden of getting home repairs and replacements.

Of course, preparation doesn’t end here. If you want to discover how to deal with other emergencies, such as flash floods, don’t hesitate to go over more of our guides right here, today!


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