How To Organise Your Closet

How To Organise Your Closet

If you have watched any organizational shows, you will see their perfectly arranged closets. Not only do they look nice, but they make your closet more functional.

Having all your clothes organized not only makes your life easier, but it gives you an idea of what you actually own. 

Below we have created a step-by-step guide on how you can organize your closet. We recommend setting apart a few hours of your day to get it done so you can do it all in one go.

Get Organizational Supplies

If you get your organizational supplies first, then you are able to focus solely on your closet instead of going to and from the shops or waiting on delivery times.

For any clothes you’re planning on putting in storage then you will need some breathable clothes storage bags to keep them safe until you need them again.

The supplies you need will vary depending on the size of your closet, and your personal preference. Here are some common closet organizers for you to consider.

  • Dividers – Either drawer organizers or ones to separate hanging clothes.
  • Over-the-door shoe rack – It keeps your shelves and floor clean.
  • Matching hangers – It makes your closet look cohesive.
  • Baskets – For any dirty laundry.
  • Drawers – You can get drawers with wheels so you can move it into a small space.

Empty Your Closet

When you have time to organize your closet, your first step should be to completely empty your closet. You may be surprised by what you find stuffed in the back of it.

Use this opportunity to clean your closet. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to give it a thorough dust and wipe down. Once it’s clean, then it is a good idea to hang some lavender bags in it to keep it smelling fresh and to keep clothes moths away.

If you don’t already know the measurements of your closet, then measure it now. Understanding how much space you have will help you to plan where everything will go when you put it back.

Organize Your Clothes

Now is the time to plan what clothes are actually going back into your closet. Sort your clothing into separate piles depending on what you’re planning on doing with it.

The first pile should be your keep pile; try to be reasonable with the clothes you are keeping. If you haven’t worn something for years, then consider getting rid of it. Once you have selected what you’re getting rid of, it’s time to decide what to do with it. You can choose to sell the nicer pieces and donate the rest.

Now you need to organize the clothes you’re planning on keeping into smaller piles. This means putting all the dresses together or organizing them by formality. Whatever you feel works best for you. Have a separate pile for any seasonal clothes which will go into storage.

Plan Your Closet

Now is the fun part, figuring out where everything is going to go. Your small piles of clothes will help you get a rough idea about what’s going together in your closet. Use your measurements to see if everything will fit in the space you want it to, there is nothing worse than putting everything back only to realize it doesn’t fit.

We recommend organizing your closet by category, and then color. So all your pants are in one section, and all the black ones are next to each other. 

Any expensive items you own also need to have their own space. Are they kept in a box hidden away, or do they need their own shelf in your closet?

Put Your Closet Back Together

Once you’ve figured out where everything is going to go, it’s time to place them in their new home. This is when you can use all those fancy organizational supplies you got earlier.

For any space that is left empty, why not add some decorations like flowers, lights, or even a functional mirror?


After organizing your closet, you will be surprised how much it can help to clear your mind. It will help you to decide what to wear since you will know exactly what is in there and where to find it.

Make sure you keep up the organization in your closet in order to avoid having to do a big clean-out again in the future. Keep this in mind when buying clothes, so you’re not wasting money on items you won’t wear.


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