How to Maintain A Clean Office Environment? – Tips For Managers

How to Maintain A Clean Office Environment? - Tips For Managers

As a manager, the cleanliness of your workspace is probably the first thing you think of every day. The business environment reflects the company’s standards and attracts many potential customers to cooperate. Therefore, it is very important to know how to maintain a clean office environment. This post has some helpful ways and tips for you in office cleaning.

How To Maintain A Clean Office Environment?

Employees spend half of their time in the office. A neat office reflects the professional nature of the place and can also make the employees more productive and comfortable as they spend half of their day staying in the office. Here are tips for you to maintain cleanliness:

Raise Awareness Among Employees

This is the most important factor in protecting the working environment. To be more specific, many people often think that this is not their home and that they have the right to freely throw garbage everywhere, as there will be janitors to clean up all the stuff. 

This is a very irresponsible notion. Imagine walking into an office with trash and stationery scattered everywhere; surely no one has the spirit to work.

Therefore, parents and schools need to pay more attention to raising awareness for future employees. From a young age, each person needs to be educated on the simplest things, such as throwing garbage in the right place, maintaining general hygiene to protect their own health.

In addition, businesses can also design posters, reminders, or even rules to remind employees. Depending on the case, managers can set fines for acts that pollute the working environment.

Set Up Cleaning Schedule

A busy day with a lot of work to do, and you must have been very tired after 8 hours of work. However, it would be best to plan out a to-clean list for the whole week if you still took some time to plan out a to-clean list. Anything done in an organized manner is more likely to succeed. 

The manager should divide the daily work to each person, and each person will take turns. Suppose that person A will have to take out the trash Monday on Monday; person B sweeps the office. On Tuesday, it’s Person B’s turn to take out the trash, and Person A sweeps the office. 

Keep switching positions like this when each week is over. Then, write it on a whiteboard and hang it in your office to remind everyone of their task. 

Plant Some Trees

As you know, trees are a very effective way to enhance the office environment.

There is a lot of mechanical equipment and devices in the office during operation; they emit a lot of gas such as carbon dioxide. Making our office hot and stuffy. In this case, trees are the best solution to improve the atmosphere.

In detail, plants survive by the process of photosynthesis, taking in carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. Trees also have many other uses, such as decorating the workspace, conditioning the air, and helping us relieve stress. In addition, if your office often has an unpleasant smell, the green plants also help your office improve significantly.

On an average day, we have to be in contact with equipment and machines for about 8 hours, and that is a huge amount of time that makes us feel tired eyes, tired body. But just looking at the green tree for about 3 minutes, we see that everything is more comfortable, much better, and the spirit also feels refreshed. 

People who work in an environment with trees and windows say that they are very comfortable and satisfied, and their work performance increases.

Stock Up Cleaning Products

There is nothing worse than a dirty office. If you want everyone to clean, you need to prepare the tools and create chances for employees to participate in keeping the office pristine. Brooms, mops, floor cleaners, toilet cleaners are all basic must-haves, and you can find them all at any local store at a very reasonable price.

Also, stock up on some products like scented wax. It eliminates odors and mold in the office and helps your mind be light and relaxed. It would be best to choose waxes with subtle, mild fragrances so that the scent is more relaxed and refreshed.

Organized Your Desks And Cables

Tables, chairs, partitions, and floors with countless cables are places that need the most cleaning in the office. Hence, large companies can easily get things tangled up and collect a lot of dust with all kinds of computer chargers, phone chargers, power cords for copiers, printers. Office workers often will not pay attention to them and ignore them daily until they become an ideal habitat for insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches. It isn’t very pleasant to think of that prospect.

Nevertheless, due to being too busy, many people have a habit of eating at their desks without cleaning up. The smell of food left in a closed room with the air conditioner will create a very terrible smell and mold for a long time.

Therefore, let’s start cleaning up the desk and cables now.

You should start from the door and work your way inside so that you won’t be afraid of missing out-of-the-way places. Use a vacuum cleaner first, and then untangle the wires. It would be best to buy specialized power cords to rearrange them and prevent tangles. Please also rearrange the desk to be neat and clean the cups and water bottles regularly. It won’t take much of your time! 

Additionally, the last but ultimate option for your office cleaning is to pick up the phone and let the best service help you!


A clean and tidy work environment will make a good impression. Your customers, as well as employees, will feel more comfortable and work more efficiently. 

We hope these useful tips will help you solve the problem. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon!


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