How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

How to Repair a Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener can fool many homeowners when it suddenly stops working and they cannot figure out why. Of course, it can be because the mechanism itself has broken or one part of it, but it can also be a forced error too.

In this article, we cover what could have happened to stop the garage door opener from functioning normally. Then, we provide some advice on how to go about repairing the opener itself. So, let’s get started.

Most Obvious Reason for the Garage Door Opener to Stop Functioning

You would be amazed how many homeowners get caught out by this situation. It leads to a real “Doh!” moment where they feel a bit silly. The important thing is to look at it first to rule it out before doing anything else. 

So, what is it? 

The opener is electric, which requires a flow of electricity to operate. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter how many times you trigger it with the remote control or do so manually, it won’t play ball.

Check if the plug from the opener to the power outlet is still plugged incorrectly. If it is, take a look at the fuse box to confirm whether the fuse for the garage area has been tripped by an overload or another reason. 

Is the Lock Feature Disengaged?

Many sophisticated garage door systems include a lock mechanism that can be manually set. Think of this a bit like a child lock system. 

You may have turned it on by mistake. Also, if the system lost power and then the power came back on again, the unit could have accidentally turned the lock mechanism on without you knowing it. Then suddenly the garage door won’t work the next morning, which is when you should opt to call for a garage door repair in Annapolis, MD.

So, look at the manual, confirm if there’s a protective lock system and whether it’s enabled? If so, turn it off and then recheck the door opener operation. 

Reset the Sensors

Before you perform a full garage door opener repair, try unplugging the plug from the power outlet and repeating the plugging in and out procedure several times. 

It can do wonders to reset confused sensors that are preventing the opener from working correctly. A hard reset of the entire system can do the same. 

Check or Replace the Remote-Control Batteries

Another obvious one that people forget is to verify if the batteries in the remote control are dead or too weak?

If you’re able to manually trigger the activation for the garage door but it’s only the remote that’s not working, then it could either be the batteries or the remote-control device itself that’s failed.

Has the Remote Become Deprogrammed?

Surprisingly, remotes can lose their programming suddenly. Then they’re all confused about what their role is in life.

To resolve this one, check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to re-program the remote control; it’ll be a different procedure with each brand and model. 

Sensors 101

Check that the sensors are powered up too.

Also, run a damp cloth over the ‘eyes’ of the sensors to remove any dust, dirt, or other accumulation that could be preventing them from registering movement. 

When the sensors don’t do their job, the garage door motor won’t engage, and the door doesn’t move either. 

Chain Fixes and More

Any chain relating to the garage door opener system may be damaged. If that’s the case, an electrician will be needed who’s an expert in addressing these issues. 

When the garage door opener is no longer operating and the quick fixes aren’t working, then you’ll need a repairer to fix it. In the meantime, switch the system to manual so it can be opened and closed by hand until the repairers are on-site. The garage door opener system can be tripped up by a variety of things getting in its way. It’s necessary to confirm whether any of those are the culprit before determining it’s something more significant. At that point, you’ll know that help is required to solve the problem.


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