How To Deal With Asbestos In Your Home?

How To Deal With Asbestos In Your Home?

Are you aware of the dangers caused by asbestos? This fibrous material was heavily utilized several decades ago in different industries such as construction and manufacturing. However, asbestos causes a person’s lungs to become scarred and inflexible. The exposed person finds it difficult to breathe. When the dangers of asbestos became well-known, the usage of the material was banned. But people who were exposed to asbestos, however, develop symptoms of asbestos-caused dilemmas such as mesothelioma decades after the exposure. It is believed that 1.3 million construction industry workers suffer from asbestos exposure. Moreover, this material even threatens the well-being of homeowners.

Dealing with domestic asbestos

Remember that the construction industry’s reliance on asbestos means that your apartments today may be vulnerable to this material. Unfortunately, just 7% of American homeowners have tested their homes for this deadly pathogen. Some experts believe that 30 million houses in the United States in 2019 were infected with asbestos. Besides the construction industry, asbestos is found in beauty products, makeup, and children’s toys. That’s why dealing with domestic asbestos has become a priority for an informed American homeowner. So, how do you deal with asbestos, and what to do if you find it in your house? We’re here to help you out with this problem. Just read our recommendations below:

1. Learn about available resources

Learn as much as possible about asbestos exposure, related diseases, and mesothelioma. Most cases of mesothelioma began with asbestos exposure. Many construction industry employees found themselves victims of this rare form of cancer decades after the first instance of asbestos exposure. You can find some amazing online resources to deal with the asbestos problem.

2. Realize where to look

If homeowners don’t begin by looking in the correct spots, they won’t be able to remove asbestos quickly. Consequently, be aware of where to look for a potential asbestos infestation. Learn that the EPA banned asbestos in 1989. Therefore, buildings constructed more than three decades ago may still have dangerous amounts of this hazardous material. The construction industry preferred asbestos for its heat-resistant as well as durable features. Understand that the following places can have large amounts of hidden asbestos:

  • Pipes
  • Gutters
  • Cement
  • Drywall
  • Insulation

3. Know what asbestos looks like

How do you recognize asbestos when you see it? They say that one must know the enemy to destroy the enemy. That’s why homeowners should understand what asbestos looks like to fight this stuff.

Asbestos can appear as a multi-colored material; it’s found in blue, green, white, and brown. Realize that processing asbestos breaks it down into fluffy little things.

4. Wear protective garments

What to do when you have to touch asbestos-exposed structures? We suggest homeowners choose to wear protective garments when asbestos exposure becomes indispensable. You can now procure a half-face respirator to reduce the risk of exposure. Also, ventilate the area where you found some asbestos. Wash your hands to minimize the dangers of this material. Remember that certain home-renovation activities may lead to asbestos exposure. Here’s a list of some of these harmful activities:

  • Repairing the drywall
  • Cleaning your gutters
  • Refurbishing the basement
  • Maintaining your domestic pipes
  • Extracting vinyl floor or ceiling tiles

5. Avoid asbestos-containing products

We’ve mentioned how asbestos may be found in cosmetics, talcum powders, and even the toys they make for children. Recently, a famous company was condemned when it was revealed that the baby powder they made contained asbestos, and they knew about it! So, avoid asbestos-containing stuff. Know that our federal agencies have found asbestos in 20% of the country’s cosmetic products since asbestos, despite being illegal, is still a part of our industry. Moreover, construction industry workers should remain cautious when dealing with asbestos-containing products in this work. You should realize that you have rights if your employer deliberately puts your life in hams’ way.

6. Leave it all alone

Should you try to remove asbestos DIY? No, experts strongly advise against handling harmful objects such as asbestos without professional training. Your job was to locate asbestos, inform everyone about its dangers, and prevent anyone from contacting it. Remember that your health depends on staying as far away as possible from mesothelioma-causing agents. However, after finding this material, you should check for possible asbestos exposure symptoms.

7. Hire professional cleaners

So, who shall remove asbestos from your home? Professionals. Call them at once to eliminate every remnant of asbestos from your house. They are trained to deal with this stuff and can remove all traces of this mesothelioma-causing product from your house. So, contact professionals today!

8. Contact EPA officers

Finally, we suggest homeowners contact some EPA officers as well. Maybe, they can suggest a well-trained professional to deal with the asbestos problem. Don’t take this problem lightly and test the air. Know that your domestic climate may have toxins such as radon, mildew, and asbestos even today.


We have established that asbestos remains a highly contagious material in American homes. But construction industry employees were exposed to this pathogen when it was heavily utilized. Even today – unfortunately – asbestos causes diseases such as mesothelioma because it’s present in makeup items, toys, and other products. It’s estimated that almost 3,000 cases of mesothelioma were reported in 2018 in the United States. We have discussed some methods to help you remove asbestos from your home.

Let’s recap everything we have mentioned above. First, know what asbestos looks like and where it may be lurking. Then learn about asbestos exposure resources available to patients. Wear protective clothes, warn others about the hazard, and inform your local authorities quickly. Call professionals to handle this asbestos problem and don’t attempt to remove it DIY. Avoid using asbestos-containing products such as harmful cosmetics. That’s how you can easily deal with asbestos in your home and stay healthy in 2022.


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